Good News Friday

My work schedule this summer has been brutal. Here’s what I’ve been able to pull together on the good news front. It’s not that it’s small pickins; I certainly heard plenty of good news stories this week, I just never had a chance to pull some links together for you guys. I’m sorry.

• Lake of the Ozarks, Mo., bans open carry to “avoid scaring off tourists.”

• Another state’s same sex marriage ban is declared unconstitutional, as Wisconsin clerks begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

• As already mentioned, Eric Cantor is out of a job. It’s really hard to see this as anything but a huge win for Democrats, regardless of what happens in November. Cantor was in the leadership; if that crackpot Brat wins over Democrat Jack Trammel, which is a very real possibility, he’ll be just another newbie nutter with no influence whatsoever — and another person liberals can hold up to the nation as an example of Republican extremism.

This is really the gift that keeps on giving. Now we’ve got dire warnings about the perils of gerrymandering, while the idea that Cantor lost over the issue of immigration has been thoroughly debunked as more Beltway bullshit. Instead, it’s becoming clear that Brat’s message was anti-Wall Street populism.

And the schadenfreude grows: check out Roll Call’s Dewey Defeats Truman moment:


• Tesla CEO Elon Musk is open-sourcing Tesla’s EV technology.

• This is weird: Ford Motor Co. and Heinz have joined forces to create a tomato-based car.

• Teen smoking is at its lowest levels in 22 years.

• Green bonds expected to exceed $40 billion this year, a surge over last year’s $14 billion.

This video will blow your mind:


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10 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. ThresherK

    Tomato-based car?

    Henry Ford was rich, powerful and visionary enough to try all sorts of fascinating ventures*, like that failed rubber plantation Fordlandia in Brazil. But he did build a car out of soybeans. (*Political views aside.)

    Provided they use winter tomatos, I imagine that’s some high-quality cellulose to make a car out of. And we won’t bemoan the loss of the tomatos.

  2. “it’s becoming clear that Brat’s message was anti-Wall Street populism.”-SB

    Is it just me or does it just fking blow anyone elses mind when they hear Teahadists talking about Immigration Amnesty as a way for the rich to exploit labor?

  3. Mary Wilson

    Good news, all, Sister. AND,here in Tennessee, the GOP press has totally ignored, with the help of the Haslam Team, that we Democrats have a VERY competent Democrat, a Navy Veteran and small business owner who will retire Lamar Alexander to his ‘farm and now ‘wellness spa’ in the Smokies. TERRY ADAMS will stand up for our Veterans, our unemployed, low income workers here. And yes, Randy, he is concerned about how our immigrants, most of whom ARE CITIZENS, can help their children get affordable health care AND a path to a college education. Look him up!

  4. “Audience member Gail Maeder was even more direct.

    “Just because somebody felt scared is not a good enough reason to pass an ordinance that violates the Second Amendment,” she said.”

    From the story about the “Open carry” ban in Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.

    Gee, Gail, just because somebody is terrified of the non-existent Dusky Horde of the blah people lying in wait to attack you is no reason to stop the town from passing a local ordinance that isn’t unconstitutional. Now if Missurduh is oneathem states that has a law that prohibits communities from passing ordinances that go beyond what is required by the state…take it up with your (likely) teabaggist lege.

    • “Just because somebody felt scared is not a good enough reason to pass an ordinance that violates the Second Amendment.”

      God I’m so sick of these people. The stupid, it burrrrns. Even SCALIA says local govts. have a right to limit open carry.

    • Meanwhile, this story out of Nashville doesn’t pass my bullshit detector. I would not be shocked to learn that the kid was fooling around with the family shotgun while everyone was gone and he accidentally blew a hole in the floor.

      • CB

        Anyone who has raised adolescent males (full disclosure: I raised two of ’em) will be every bit as skeptical. 🙂

  5. “Cameron said the man dressed in a black hoodie and a black mask ran out the garage.”

    CSI reported finding an empty Mountain Dew can and a packet with just a couple of Skittles left in it…

    • “Black man … black man ….”

      I didn’t even see the bit about the hoodie. Yeah, I’ll bet you 50 bucks the kid was messing around and shot a hole in the floor. Lucky he didn’t shoot the dog.

  6. CB

    Apropos of nothing in your post, but good news, nonetheless, I just saw the piece on 60 Minutes about the 100,000 Homes project in Nashville. Good work. Y’all should be proud. Warmed this old lady’s heart.