Congratulations, Richard Gransee! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

One of Wisconsin’s safest, most responsible gun owners ever forgot where he put his handgun at a kids’ Little League game:

Roger Gransee of Whitewater said he was acting as catcher as his granddaughter warmed up for her 12-and-under fastpitch game Sunday when he lost the handgun.

“I am so embarrassed by this, it’s unreal. It was just a careless mistake,” Gransee told The Gazette.

Gransee has a permit under the state’s concealed-carry law, and concealed carry is not banned in Janesville parks, including the sports complex, police Lt. Keith Lawver said.

Well, at least he’s embarrassed about it. That makes everything alright, correct? The weapon was a loaded, .380 semiautomatic handgun, and it was found by one of the Little League players during the game. The child, clearly more responsible than the adult in this case, handed the weapon over to the umpire. A coach called police.

Here’s where it gets interesting: the incident sufficiently alarmed the Janesville Youth Baseball board, prompting a discussion of banning handguns at all Little League games. No can do, under the state’s gun-friendly laws:

Ellis said the situation is complicated because it appears state law does not allow cities to ban concealed carry in parks, but the baseball group leases Youth Sports Complex fields from the city.

Oh, that’s brilliant. Even a sports organization that wants to ban handguns can’t, because small government, etc. etc. Tennessee’s gun humpers have been salivating to get one of these “state law on guns overrides all other laws” thingies, too. So far, no luck.


Oops got another one!

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A concealed carry permit holder accidentally shot himself and another man while sitting in the passenger seat of a car on the city’s East Side, Cleveland police said.

The shooting happened about 7 p.m. Sunday near East 103rd Street and Pierpont Avenue.

The bullet ripped through the gun owner’s hand before it passed through the driver’s right leg and lodged in his left leg, police said.

Emergency medical crews drove the men to hospitals, according to spokesman Sgt. Ali Pillow.

Officers learned the man handling the weapon has a CCW permit, Pillow said.

Another one of our safest, most responsible, bestest, most wonderful ever… is not.


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3 responses to “Congratulations, Richard Gransee! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. Mary Wilson

    And this stupidity is going to happen here; bulletin in the blog on WATE, Channel 6: Man shoots son in head, son in hospital in very serious condition. More details to come.
    It is a never-ending nightmare in every State…will WE be next?

  2. I’m just a little surprised that he didn’t overhear the first base coach telling an opposing team’s player to “steal second” and shoot both of them for crimnul konspearsee on “Stand Yer Ground” laws.

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