How Many People Have To Die For Our Original Mistake?

About that ....

About that ….

Headline from my local fishwrap today:

Iraq chaos disheartens Tennessee widow, soldier, senator

And from the story:

As Iraq plunges deeper into chaos, his wife says she hopes Hawn’s sacrifice wasn’t for nothing.

“There is a part of me who is relieved we’re not putting boots on the ground, that air strikes are a possibility,” Angie Hawn wrote in a text message on Monday. “Then there is the part of me that goes, don’t let Freddie’s death be in vain. Let’s go get this done.”

God, I don’t get this “don’t let them die in vain” crap. Wake up, people! How many more people have to die because we refuse to admit we made a colossal mistake the first time? Be pissed about it, get angry — Lord knows I’m angry, I’ve been angry for years — but for God’s sake, don’t send more of our soldiers to die in a war to protect the damn oil supply so your loss “won’t be in vain.” Face it, America: it was in vain. It’s horrible, it’s tragic, it’s an epic blunder for which there’s been zero accountability. Take to the streets about it, for God’s sake. Demand answers. But don’t make the same mistake twice.

We should never, ever have gone into Iraq. Never. End, full stop. What’s happening now in Iraq is exactly what we peaceniks said would happen waaaay back in 2002 when this was being “debated” the first time. Sectarian violence, civil war, Sunni vs Shia, etc. etc. etc. All of that stuff. We were told we were unpatriotic. We were told to support the troops. We were told to shut up and clap louder and put a yellow ribbon on our cars and stick a cork in it and stop talking about how much the war would cost because “deficits don’t matter.” We were right then, and we’re right now.

And to the mainstream news media, who banged the war drums so loudly 12 years ago: stop trotting out everyone who was completely wrong last time to offer “expertise” this time. There are no do-overs in warmongering.

I find it completely unacceptable that we live in a country where Americans will take to the streets to prevent their fellow citizens from having health insurance, but they refuse to acknowledge that this country sent its soldiers to die for oil company profits. Wake the fuck up, people.

No, there will not be “Iraq Forever.”


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21 responses to “How Many People Have To Die For Our Original Mistake?

  1. Tom Dunlap

    Right on sister! Too bad the one who need to aren’t listening.

  2. Mary Wilson

    I do agree, SB. But we have to make an attempt to get ALL our Americans out of that hell hole. I still remember out ‘exit’ from VietNam when our Americans and those who helped us there had to climb to the roofs and be raised into choppers and carried away. This would indeed be a real Benghazi if we did not try to protect them. And I remember getting physically sick the day in 2003 when GWB announced that we had “invaded Iraq”…and like you I am still angry.

  3. Kathleen

    You expressed my outrage and despair perfectly, Sister Southern Beale. I feel so overwhelmed at times by the Manufactured Reality Machine, and it’s not just Fox who is to blame.

    • God, I just saw Paul fucking Wolfowitz on MSNBC this morning, for crying out loud! Not, it’s not just Fox to blame. Watch who advertises on cable news — I saw an add for Koch Industries on MSNBC the other day. They’re all pitching for the same team.

      Iraq is why I drive an electric car and put solar panels on my roof. I couldn’t — wouldn’t — be part of it.

  4. Media’s false equivalency… that’s the culprit.

  5. Easy does it there folks. Fox was never a part of the MSM. They are about to be vindicated as BHO reveals himself as the 13th Imam, restores the Caliphate and rules the world as Supreme Sharia Ayatollah.

  6. Imagine if the cost of the Iraq war was used to solar panel every roof, fix the power grid, and rebuild every school to actual first world standards. But no, we had to send our soldiers to the other side of the world to get our oil out from under their sand.

    • Laughs at Trolls

      Germany is getting approximately 30% of its power needs met through solar power. Germany’s climate is often cloudy and cool. Imagine how much power, say, Phoenix or Palm Springs would generate. I just heard a talk from a local builder of solar-powered homes saying my own temperate mid-Atlantic state could likely generate 130% of its energy needs using solar. But of course there’s no money for that. @@

  7. tao

    Don’t let their loss be in vain… To the extent that they soldiered to the best of their ability it was not in vain. There is honor in putting one’s life on the line for country. Our military did not drop their weapons and run when they saw the enemy. What we have here now from McCain, et al, is simply yet another means of continuing the transfer of wealth to their war profiteer contributors. Iraq in particular was a huge blunder from the time the neocons decided it would be peachy to invade well before nine-eleven, and even before Dubya became President by a vote of five to four. They wanted the war. And they wanted someone else to do the fighting for them while they sat back and collected as much of the trillion dollars wasted on the war as possible. It was all about the money.

    The same is true for many previous wars. The soldiers did their duty and their deaths and wounds were commemorated in monuments and speeches on Memorial Day. In every case to the extent that the wars were not necessary, there was no way their deaths could not have been in vain. If we want their deaths not to be in vain, then we have to learn from them that war is indeed a racket.

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  9. One little quibble: It wasn’t a mistake. It was much worse than a mistake.

    It was a con, a fraud, a lie, a scam, right from the git-go.

  10. ” Supreme Shariatollah” is way more, “trips off the tongue”.

  11. CB

    I have read lately that there was more than just oil the war mongerers were after, that the grayheads also needed — let’s take McCain as an example — to prove that the U. S. still owns the world, that we are still in control, the most powerful nation on earth. They cannot stand the fact that the power balance is shifting, and will do anything, sacrifice anyone’s children but their own, to reassert dominance in the world. It’s the Middle East version of the fallacy of the domino theory, and the assholes offering this steaming pile for public consumption know no more about the Middle East than their predecessors did about the Far East. All they care about is the presumption of power.

    It has the ring of truth to it.

    • I’m sure that was a big part of it but I still maintain that the reason for our warmongering was and has always been to pursue corporate interests, not the peoples’ interests. In this case, the fact that the corporations are multinational oil conglomerates, is even more tragic. Oil is a dying industry. We have so many alternatives and have the ingenuity and resources to find so many more, if only we didn’t spend trillions of dollars on shoring up the last drops of dead dinosaurs.

      • CB

        True, and that just makes it that much more pathetic.

        I lived through the Vietnam era in my teens and 20s, and now my boys are living through the Iraq era and its fallout. I just can’t help but point out the parallels. They may not be horribly evident to everyone, but they are to me.