Congratulations, Greg Philip Winnick! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Someone please take his guns away before somebody gets hurt:

A Wind Gap man said he dozed off with a loaded firearm on his lap and was awoken when it fired just before 3 this morning, according to court records.

Greg Philip Winnick, of Oakwood Drive, was watching YouTube videos on a new trigger for his Rebel Arms AR-15 after installing it on the gun, when he fell asleep at the computer with the gun on his lap, according to court records.

Winnick told Pennsylvania State Police with the Belfast barracks that he woke up when the rifle discharged and that he did not realize the gun was loaded, according to records. The 37-year-old told authorities that he had been awake since midnight Sunday, records indicate.

Ah, brilliant. The bullet entered the bedroom of Winnick’s neighbors, who were asleep at the time. The neighbors’ two small children were asleep in the apartment, as well. Apparently the bullet entered right above the neighbors’ mattress.

This happens so often I can’t even count: some idiot in an apartment building discharges a weapon and it narrowly misses an innocent neighbor (or doesn’t miss them, tragically). “No guns” clauses in landlord agreements are going to become more common, methinks.


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4 responses to “Congratulations, Greg Philip Winnick! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. CB

    ” ‘No guns’ clauses in landlord agreements are going to become more common, methinks.”

    Well, Lord have mercy, we can always hope so.

    Do Pennsylvanians have special uses of ‘awoken’ that the rest of us do not, as in “was awoken”?

  2. Mary Wilson

    The key feature of this post is definitely: “He didn’t know the gun was loaded”. Anyone this stupid should have ALL his or her guns and ammo taken away, OR be forced to attend a year of ‘gun safety’ classes taught by a real LIVE instructor. Period.

  3. Since he prolly didn’t commit no crime (or even if he did) the cops won’t be confiscating his computer to see if he was watching an instructional video on the AR-15 or some other “instructional” material while fondling himAR-15self.

  4. Don’t know if your ‘awards’ extend outside the state, but the Missouri school districts that have decided that the way to stop school shootings is to train teachers and give them concealed weapons — see the KANSAS CITY STAR story of June 21st — updated on the 23rd — may win someone one. The whole article is sad and scary, but I’ve rarely read anything as sad as the following:

    A teacher at Lutie Elementary in Theodosia, Mo., said she never thought she would be doing something like this, but somebody had to step up, particularly as two more school shootings happened the week of her training.

    “These are my children,” she said.

    Before fall, she will have to find a holster undetectable by her students.

    “They like to give me hugs,” she said

    Read more here: