Good News Friday

Your weekly dose of good news. Enjoy!

• The U.S. Department of Education has made several moves to address sexual assault on college campuses.

• Harley-Davidson will debut its electric motorcycle next week.

• The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has dumped George Will after his offensive “you college ladies who were raped enjoy a privileged status” column. Good riddance, you senile old coot.

• The U.S. Patent Office has cancelled the Washington Redskins’ trademarks. In a related move, the Seattle Times is banning use of the “Redskins” name, outside stories dealing with the actual controversy. Apparently they are following in the steps of The Oregonian in Portland, The Kansas City Star and The Orange County Register, all of which previously banned use of the name.

• The Presbyterian Church (USA) voted at its 221st General Assembly to affirm same-sex marriage:

The Assembly voted 429 to 175 to update the language about marriage from a “man and a woman” to “two persons” in the PC(USA) constitution.

The change still needs to be approved by a majority of 172 presbyteries to become church law. However, while the presbyteries are working on this amendment, clergy can perform same-sex marriages in their churches. It was as recently as 2010 when the PC(USA) General Assembly voted to allow the ordination of openly gay and lesbian clergy and church elders.

• The soldier deployed to Afghanistan whose girlfriend sold his dog on Craigslist while he was deployed will get his dog back, thanks to social media.

• The Dallas County Commission unanimously — an unintentionally — voted for a resolution approving slavery reparations for African Americans.

• Germany broke three solar power output records in two weeks.

• The U.S. Senate voted 98-0 to approve the country’s first openly gay, African American judge to the federal bench. Welcome Darrin Gayles, Florida’s newest district court judge.

• SCOTUS rejected an appeal of a lower court’s decision stating that holding high school graduation ceremonies at churches adorned with religious symbols violates the separation of church and state.

• More SCOTUS good news: the Supreme Court upheld the federal ban on straw purchases of firearms.

• After protests and public humiliation on social media, supermarket chain Tesco removed spike strips from outside one of its London stores that were meant to deter homeless people.

• Scientists have discovered why people with Alzheimer’s have memory failure.

• Thanks to a U.S. District Judge, LinkedIn members can sue the company for all that email SPAM.

• Confederate flag items will no longer be sold at California’s state-owned gift shops. Racists and KKKlowns can still get their stars-n-bars at privately-owned retail sites, however (despite what you’ve heard from RWNJs, who are telling everyone the state has banned the sale of the Confederate flag. Idiots.)

• Looks like Scott Walker is history.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• The Metro Nashville Council approved domestic partner benefits for all government employees this week. How much do you want to bet the state legislature finds a way to overrule it when they get back into session?

This week’s cool video: guns kill children. Thank you, science.


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11 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. ThresherK

    Re the Washington Washingtons: I know names and graphics are different items w.r.t. trademarks and offensiveness. (The intramural Fighting Whiteys have been mentioned in this space.)

    But as a guy who watches my share of ESPN, I don’t think I’ve seen them put a graphic of Chief Wahoo onscreen as the logo of the team this year. All I can seem to remember is the block red C on navy.

    If this is the case, I can’t believe it’s happenstance.

  2. Jim in Memphis

    The Redskins already won this fight in court a few years ago. What makes anyone think it will be different this time around?

    • Not really:

      “In 1999, a panel ruled to cancel the trademarks after a battle with Native American groups. The decision was later overturned on a technicality after the court decided that the plaintiffs were too old and should have filed their complaint soon after the Redskins registered their nickname in 1967.


      The new case was launched in 2006 by a younger group of Native Americans and was heard by the board in March 2013.

      The group argued that the Redskins should lose their federal trademark protection based on a law that prohibits registered names that are disparaging, scandalous, contemptuous or disreputable.”

      If getting overturned “on a technicality” is your idea of “winning the fight,” you may be in for a big surprise.

    • Jim,

      We are mostly waiting for these team managers to wake up.

      Using a derogatory appellation such as Redskins is more or less the same thing as saying chinks, wops, beaners, japs, polacks, spicks… what have you? What is it about this idea that you can’t understand? This is a holdover from the 1930s when ordinary racism and bigotry was more or less the accepted norm. The team owner or whoever is responsible for hanging on to this name is just another out-of-touch idiot who really doesn’t understand modern times. Diversity. Dignity. Multi-culturalism.

      Goodness gracious, Jim? What the hell are you trying to say?

      How about the other side of the old nickels? Just call them the Washington Buffalo or something like that? We can still get nostalgic here. Nobody is objecting to that.

      When you think about it, a team called the Cleveland Indians is just about as stupid. However, Native Americans are still referred to as Indians today, no matter how ridiculous this term really is in a modern context.

      • Can I get an Amen, Thresher Shark?

      • I’m waiting for the SNL skit where they parody an ESPN panel using fictitious team names made entirely of derogatory ethnic terms. “How ’bout them Sacramento Wetbacks, Jim? That was quite a play in the fourth quarter.” “Yes, Mark, indeed it was. But my favorite play of the week was this one in the Brooklyn Kikes-San Francisco Chinks game. What a pass!”

        Hilarity ensues.

      • ThresherK

        Amen, Flying Junior.

        The Washington Buffalo(s)? Hmm.

        I know my way round American coinage. THe figure of Liberty-as a woman- shows up on many coins, including the very nice Walking Liberty Half and Liberty Head Dime, and a WNBA basketball team.

        I never put the two together before.

  3. “The intramural Fighting Whiteys have been mentioned in this space.”

    I suggested “The Washington Past’n’future Felons”, a while back–no takers.

    “The Redskins already won this fight in court a few years ago. What makes anyone think it will be different this time around?”

    Since nothing else they’ve done for the last 22 years has caught them past the second round of the NFL playoffs (and they only got to the second round twice) maybe it’s time to try a new name. Hey, “The Washington Winners/Whiners” is not yet copyrighted, afaia. OTOH, as long as they’re owned by Snyder they’re probably immune to success–sucking they can do at the Olympic level; success, not so much.

  4. Mary Wilson

    Great jb, SB. I loved All the good news today. And the photo of the little girl with the gun is creepy and scary to me, even the idea of a child sitting that close to a potential deadly weapon should make people think rationally about all those children killed “accidently” by careless and idiotic adults.

  5. Great Friday ! Always waiting for this.