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Sorry for the light posting, folks. My schedule should calm down in July.

We had one accidental shooting with injury this week, and a whole lot of gun crazy, which I don’t even bother to post about. Not Tennessee related, but I’m nominating WingNut Daily founder and creator of “birtherism” Joseph Farah as our Second Amendment Hero du Jour: Farah oh-so-responsibly forgot he had a loaded .38 in his carry-on bag when he went through security at Dulles airport in Washington D.C. That’s so responsible, you guys, to forget where your loaded guns are! Dumbass. The guy is coo-coo for Cocoa puffs, finding conspiracies and boogeyman under ever rock and tree (especially ones in Kenya!). Knowing he’s walking around armed does not make me feel safer.

Without further ado:

• June 24, 2014:

A Centerville man has been charged with pulling a gun during an argument about religion. So much fail on that one.

• June 23, 2014:

A Murfreesboro man accidentally shot himself when he dropped his duffel bag, according to police reports. Our unnamed Second Amendment Hero was shot in the leg but will be okay.

• June 19, 2014:

1- A Rutledge man shot his 70-year-old father in the face during an argument over why the son had a gun. Sounds about right.

2- A Robertson County man’s protest against gun gets personal:


Very sad.

• June 17, 2014:

You know, stories like this make me wonder what the hell people are thinking. A man in his 70s saw what appeared to be burglars at his granddaughters’ house, so he grabbed his shotgun, called 911, and attempted to stop the burglars. For his trouble he got shot in the face and nearly killed:

Don Grubb: “Just as quick as I said, ‘Hold it there,’ they shot, and like I said I didn’t know they had a gun and had no idea they was gonna shoot me.”

He returned the fire. In total, they along with the second suspect Tyler Trivett, exchanged 11 shots.

Don Grubb: “It was pouring blood. It was blood all the way down to my knees.’

Grump was hit in the face and shoulder by buckshot from a shotgun shell. The suspects ran off but left the car they came in. Grubb went inside to get more bullets and then waited until Webster returned.

Don Grubb: “And I stayed behind the car and squatted down until he got close enough I knew I could catch him, and when he took off I run him down.”

He held them at gunpoint until deputies arrived. The Sheriff’s Office found Trivett three miles away.

Every report I’ve read about this incident has a “clap louder for the big hero” ring to it, but I think Don Grubb is a fucking moron. He got shot in the face, nearly killed, and for what? To stop some people from taking some stuff? It’s just stuff. You can buy more stuff. Plus, chances are, the burglars are gonna be caught and you’re gonna get the stuff back anyway. It’s not worth dying over stuff, people.

In the meantime, a 73-year-old man has been shot in the face could have died. And what is the lesson Don Grubb got from this incident? Maybe don’t go all Clint Eastwood over something as dumb as material possessions which can be replaced? Nope:

Don Grubb: “I should have done different, I should have fired first and the next time I will.”

Idiots. It’s not worth killing people over stuff. People completely lose any sense of perspective once they get a gun in their hands.


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13 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. deep

    Reminds me of the fallout after the Trayvon Martin killing. The wingnuts/gun nuts all thought he deserved it because his history of having smoked weed and stolen stuff from school.

    I think gun nuts are really much more obsessed with their material possessions than you or I, Beale.

  2. The story about the religious argument goin’ throwdown was behind a subscription wall. Looking for an alternate source, I found this:


    Which had an amazingly racist comment, here:

    “in response to thevans70:

    What, no comments on this one; is that because he is Hispanic? (THE)
    Well, (THE) he’s NOT white which helps prove that statistically if you’re white you’re really very safe in Memphis. After all, when’s the last time a white person killed someone over an argument, or for that matter killed someone at all in Memphis? And since you think anyone who says anything bad about anyone with brown skin (true or not) is a racist then logically (something you don’t have is logic) we would hate EVERYONE with brown skin. I, of course, expect this to be poofed because to the liberals who run this website facts are racist.”

    Just, WOW!

    • I’m not surprised, are you? FWIW this is not the same shooting. The religious argument shooting happened further east in Tennessee.

      • Sorry, I should have said that I had found a story about ANOTHER sectarian shooting in TN–hey, wadeaminnit, sectarian shootings only happen in backwards theocratic shitholez!

      • Jim in Memphis

        DC – what makes you think the Memphis killing was sectarian violence?

  3. Jumpin’ Jehosephat, Jimbo–you’re right, my bad. It was just two idiots at least one of whom had a gun.

  4. “chances are, the burglars are gonna be caught and you’re gonna get the stuff back anyway.”

    I’ve never personally known a case where the burglars were caught and people got their stuff back. But even so, I agree it’s still just _stuff_. Even if the burglars _never_ get caught and you never see that stuff again. It’s not worth risking injury over, much less dying for.

    • It happened to me. They didn’t steal anything of value, just some cheapie jewelry, but a guy was going on a burglary rampage one day, just going up and down the street breaking into homes looking for guns, jewelry he could pocket, and drugs from peoples’ medicine cabinets. I guess when you’re a meth-head, a $20 necklace is worth it, I dunno. But anyway, he got caught and I got my stuff back after identifying it.

      And when I was a kid our house was broken into and we got the stuff back then, too. Again, nothing of value — some of my mom’s jewelry, which IIRC was costume anyway. But we got it back.

      Guess it’s my good karma. 🙂

      • I counted it good karma that no one was at home during the burglaries and that the friend robbed at gunpoint wasn’t hurt. Nobody got anything back, but nobody was hurt. I’m counting it a win.

        I appreciate the updates on the gun issues, btw. Thx!

  5. “Gunz don’t kill peepul, idiots who think a stereo is worth more than a human life kill peepul!”

  6. But, but…there MILLYUNZ of DGU’s every year! It’s just that the LIEbral media never talks about them!!