Those Who Do Not Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It

This is what happens when you restrict women’s access to abortion services:

As policies restricting access to abortion roll out in Texas and elsewhere, the use of miso is quickly becoming a part of this country’s story. It has already made its way into the black market here in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, where abortion restrictions are tightening, and it is likely to continue its trajectory if anti-abortion legislation does not ease up and clinics continue to be closed.

The Texas law which sparked Wendy Davis’ famous filibuster has already shuttered 12 of the state’s 40 abortion clinics, and counting. It was predicted that the law would keep 23,000 Texas women — one third of those who seek them — from getting abortions. Meanwhile,

Many of these women can be found in the Rio Grande Valley, where the admitting privileges provision forced both of the county’s abortion clinics to shut down. Now, the closest clinic for the region’s one-million-plus residents is 150 miles away. For many poor, uninsured South Texas women, that distance is beyond feasible. Few have access to a set of wheels for the long haul, and others lack the right paperwork to cross immigration checkpoints on highways that run through the state.

Meanwhile, the flea market is close to most people living in the Valley, and the massive Alamo pulga looks like just the kind of place to pick up miso. According to several of my local sources, the drug is sold here and it’s not difficult to get—you just need to know who to approach and what to ask for.

God, stop me if you’ve heard this story before. Like we don’t already know that women will do anything to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Like we don’t have a gruesome history of coat hangers, knitting needles, women throwing themselves down stairs, etc. etc. etc. Jesus, but pro-lifers are stupid. Closing a Planned Parenthood clinic doesn’t stop abortion. It stops safe, legal, clean, compassionate abortion care. It makes women criminals for doing what the Supreme Court has said is legal.

Meanwhile, forcing women to seek out black market medication for a perfectly legal procedure puts vulnerable, poor women at risk:

One woman I interviewed at a Mexican restaurant in Brownsville told me her good friend nearly died after taking pills that her husband bought in Mexico. Instead of ingesting four of the 12 pills every three hours, as is recommended by the World Health Organization, she took two pills under her tongue, then four pills vaginally, then two more under her tongue, then four more vaginally. She began to bleed profusely, doubled over in pain. But because she was undocumented, she was afraid to seek medical help at a nearby hospital or clinic. Instead, she crossed the border to Mexico with her five children—all the while hemorrhaging—in search of medical assistance. She has since recovered but is still in Mexico with her children because she can’t cross the border back into the United States.

Women will always find a way. Always. It doesn’t matter what the law says, desperate people will go to any lengths to get what they need. This is something we women know deep in our bones, because pregnancy is something that affects our bodies and our lives, while for men it’s a mere abstract concept. Men don’t get it, they will never get it because it’s not the same issue for them.

The fetus-fetish crowd are true monsters.


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12 responses to “Those Who Do Not Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It

  1. “She has since recovered but is still in Mexico with her children because she can’t cross the border back into the United States.”

    Wow, a GOPer2Fer.

    Get rid of the ILLEGALZ while makin’ BABYJESUS happy!

    Y’know what? FUCK RELIGION. For those who would say, “Well, those are just the extremists? Then STOP THEM you cowardly bastards.

  2. Randy

    SB it is obviously true I will never know pregnancy on a psychophysiological level but I have been present as an escort at an abortion clinic and at the birth of children. I am capable of empathy. On some level I get it. I think the need for safe and legal abortion is important to men as well, if for no other reason that those are our wives and daughters in the back alley’s

    • You’re right, of course. Not ALL men “don’t get it.” I’m thinking of nutballs like Randall Terry of Operation Rescue, who seem more interested in traumatizing women than being truly “pro-life.” These people are working out some other kind of issue that has little to do with life, religion, or even abortion.

      • CB

        Randall Terry. There’s two words that gripe my soul. I lived in Buffalo when he came to town for his little escapade, when Clinton was campaigning there. Ever so reverent of human life, so much so that he carried what he and his minions purported to be an aborted fetus, out into the public streets in a take-out food container. Some reverence that is. Newspaper reports from sources who had seen it said that it did not seem to have suffered any trauma, and so was far more likely the remains from a miscarriage. Then this asshole drops it on the ground, accidentally, I’m sure, but still. A woman couldn’t go into the medical office building next to Buffalo General Hospital for blood work without being harassed by these douchebags, because a doctor who performed abortions had an office there. It was probably Barnard Slepian. I know about the harassment, because it happened to me, more than once. I’m diabetic, fer chrissake. Up until then, I had never considered carrying a bag of excrement with me, just for geeps, but afterwards……..

  3. Why don’t the fetus lovers put as much effort into tracking down the sperm shooters?

  4. Mnemosyne

    Closing a Planned Parenthood clinic doesn’t stop abortion. It stops safe, legal, clean, compassionate abortion care. It makes women criminals for doing what the Supreme Court has said is legal.

    Feature, not bug. If a woman ends up dead or infertile from an illegal abortion, well, she should have thought of that sooner.

  5. greennotGreen

    I have said this before, and I will say it again. Universal DNA bank. Paternity determined at the moment of birth, fathers responsible for 50% of children’s upkeep.

    Abortion will be fully legal and funded within a week.

  6. Kathleen

    The Fetalmaniacs want to punish poor and middle class women for having sex.

  7. Mike G

    Some women will die or be permanently injured using these methods, which is thrilling for bible-thumpers who live for punishing others. Some of the women being illegal immigrants is a bonus. Because that’s exactly what Jesus would do, apparently.

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  9. Seeker

    When I was in high school, abortion had (just barely) become legal, but it certainly wasn’t easily available. In my school, one girl collected metal filings from the shop class and dissolved them in hot water to cause an abortion. Didn’t work, but she became permanently mentally disabled from lead poisoning. Another girl used a Clorox douche to stop a pregnancy, which killed her. These two cases convinced me that women should always have access to safe abortions–women will abort, and have always sought abortion, and the best thing for humanity is to make it safe. Today we can accomplish this with two pills if caught early enough, or when farther along, a procedure that’s safer than when I had to have my wisdom teeth out. People who harass women on the street should be arrested and jailed. I have no words strong enough for how I feel about Randall Terry and his ilk.