Tennessee Gun Report

Down in Georgia, gun loons celebrated their new “guns everywhere” law going into effect by almost shooting each other. Huzzah! Here in Tennessee we have some new gun laws that went into effect July 1, too, notably the “guns-in-cars” bill. Expect to hear more stories about road-rage incidents escalating into gun violence, gun injuries, and guns stolen from cars. Not that we don’t have enough of this shit as it is. But Republicans are morons and refuse to learn from their mistakes because Reasons.

This week’s gun report has one accidental shooting and the usual amount of stupid.

• June 30, 2014:

1- A Nashville man playing with a gun accidentally shot himself in the arm.

2- From Memphis, this headline wins the Gun Report:

Two men with only three working legs between them try to rob gun store

They were unsuccessful.

3- A Weakley County man was arrested for stealing guns, specifically guns

“…stolen from cars and homes in and around the city of Martin.”

I don’t get the stealing guns from cars thing. If you’re leaving your gun in your car then you’re an irresponsible asshole and you should be cited. What kind of moron is to fucking lazy to remove their gun from their car in the first place? Oh, right, the kind who is so chickenshit he can’t drive from point A to point B unless he’s armed because PARANOIA. Can’t tall you how many of these idiots leave their guns in their cars unlocked, too. Dumbasses.

• June 27, 2014:

Check out this Jonesborough wackkjob with a messiah complex. He’s a real piece of work.

• June 26, 2014:

Despite Facebook’s claims to have shut down its gun trade, Tennessee’s Tri-Cities Gun Swap group is still going strong. This is where you can trade an AK-47 for a jet ski, no background checks required, because Freedom.


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10 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Mary Wilson

    I missed the wording of the TEAs’ latest ‘GUNS everywhere’, and I assume that it means gun owners can drive around with their loaded ‘pieces’ in their cars…not just in the trunks but inside the car where others occasionally ride…like family members ??
    And the police have no control. All they can do to prevent deaths and woundings here in the GUN STATE is stand back and watch the idiots shoot or trip and gun goes off, etc, etc.

  2. CB

    As for the incident in Valdosta GA yesterday, I think it needs to be pointed out that the police chief expressed concern about the potential for these situations *because of the new law*, and stated that law enforcement will not stand for citizens taking the law into their own hands. While this sifts out, we’re going to be very dependent on local law enforcement to make good decisions, which for some people is going to be luck of the draw. And, yes, I meant the card metaphor, in this particular case. Otherwise, as I mentioned before, Darwin Awards Banquet.

    • CB

      From another article about the same incident:
      “Essentially, it involved one customer with a gun on his hip when a second customer entered with a gun on his hip,” Childress [the police chief] said.

      WELL!! That explains EVERYTHING! How often can that happen?!

      • The story says one CCW holder demanded to see the other CCW holder’s gun carry permit, which is illegal. What is it about this story that makes me think one of our gun-toting shoppers was black and one was white? Hmmm …

  3. CB

    You’ve probably already seen this, but it’s still appropriate. 😉

    • I notice that the idiot shoots himself and then lays a LOADED AND COCKED SEMI-AUTO HANDGUN WITH ONE “IN THE PIPE” on the ground. I’m sure that Eddie Eagle will be over to give him a hard time about that.

  4. Looked at a few stories on the “Gunzloonz at the OK Mom’N:Pop. The commenters already have it down as a “false flag” oppo. Fucking moronz.

  5. After viewing the video a number of times (I have seen it several times over the last few months) it occurs to me that if the idiot had been wearing a shoulder rig, he would have already won his Darwin.

  6. Yardbird

    Interesting, blaming the internet for span is like blaming gun violence on guns.