Congratulations Unidentified Pennsylvania Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

More guns on the black market thanks to our 2nd Amendment Hero of the day:

PITTSBURGH (Reuters) – Robbers attacked an elderly gun collector in his western Pennsylvania home and escaped with an arsenal of 31 firearms, at least 14 of which are still missing.

Three armed men wearing masks kicked in the door of the 71-year-old man’s house in Sharon, 75 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, at around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday and took firearms including an AK-47, handguns, rifles, shotguns, other semi-automatic weapons, ammunition and historic pistols, police chief Michael Menster said Thursday.

The robbers tied the gun collector up, ransacked his house and locked him in a closet. They also stole a television and stereo. When they left, the man was able to escape and call 911, Menster said.

Gosh if only this man had some guns at home for protec- … er, never mind. If only he’d been collecting stamps instead.


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9 responses to “Congratulations Unidentified Pennsylvania Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. Mary Wilson

    Well at least he didn’t get shot with any of his 31 fire arms !

  2. Glad to see his arsenal was so effective in defending him from crime.

  3. Duke of Clay

    I thought that if you had firearms that was supposed to deter criminals. Sounds like in this case it attracted them.

    • Amazing how often this happens. Dirty little secret the NRA doesn’t want you to know: firearms are more likely to be used against you than for your protection, especially if you include suicides

  4. There is currently a gunztroll expounding on his superior marksmanship, reaction time, psycheval skills and knowledge of relevant laws re: when it’s okay to blow mofos to hell at this thread.

    This is a good cartoon:

    I know a guy who has a “Utah” permit. He told both me and a city cop this evening that when he took the class the instructor told them that if they had the Utah and saw somebody doing arson, that they were legally empowered to use lethal force to stop them. The cop was digesting that when I said, “You might want to run that one by a criminal law attorney, prior to acting on it.”.

    • Yeah I remember discussing the “Utah permit” over here a couple years ago, can’t remember if I did a post on it or not. Utah is basically the “Delaware” of gun loonery — the lowest common denominator for gun humpers. Any asshole can get a Utah permit and there are some 31 states which accept Utah reciprocity. California is NOT one of them so Utah loons need to keep out of the Golden State.

  5. tao

    Criminals need guns too. Probably more than non-criminal folks do.

  6. Thanks for a great post. This is the main way guns flow into the criminal world, but the gun nuts won’t hear of safe storage laws in the home.