Tennessee Gun Report

Two accidental shootings reported this week. Freedom.

• July 8, 2014:

Donate $10 to Robert Dalton’s campaign for Lewisburg public defender, and you have a chance to win a pistol. Needless to say, the fundraiser appears to run afoul of state laws regulating raffles and games of chance. Oops.

• July 7, 2014:

A Chattanooga four-year-old is in critical condition after being shot in the chest by a BB gun owned by a teenaged neighbor. BB guns are not benign, says the hospital’s Pediatric Injury Prevention Coordinator Coy Ellis:

He says the emergency room sees between eight to ten children a month with similar injuries.

“Well they can be as severe as you can imagine,” Ellis explains. Over the years he says BB guns have developed, becoming more powerful.

“Handheld firearms have a muzzle velocity of about 850 feet per second. Some of these non powdered guns, BB guns and things like that, they travel about 50 percent of that. You’re talking about 450 feet per second,” says Ellis.

At that speed a shot from a BB or pellet gun can be fatal. Nation wide BB gun shootings average four deaths a year. The Consumer Products and Safety Commission advice those under 16 not use them. “However, there’s no regulation as far as that goes,” Ellis says. Most of the responsibility must lie on the parents who allow their children to have them.

No regulation. Because, Reasons.

• July 5, 2014:

A Nolensville man learned the hard way that what goes up must come down:

Authorities determined a weapon discharged into the air, ultimately striking the unidentified man ni the upper calf.

Yeee-haw. Also, “a weapon discharged into the air”? Really? All by itsownself? Someone didn’t fire it into the air? Heh. Guess guns really DO shoot people? Yes, or no? Nice use of the passive-voice gun dodge there.

• July 1, 2014:

Nine guns were stolen from a Chattanooga pawn shop, and are now on the black market, available to be used in violent crimes in Chicago and other places around the country. Brilliant.

This happens ALL the damn time, people. Why is there not a requirement that guns be kept in a safe overnight? Jewelry stores do it all the time.

• June 27, 2014:

A responsible gun owner responsibly forgot their gun in a carry-on bag at Memphis International airport.


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3 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Kate Smith

    My right wing gun nut husband was “clearing” his pistol in the laundry room (having taken it out of the gun safe in there) and shot a hole through the wall and the adjacent shower stall. Luckily, I wasn’t home and no one was hurt. (He’s retired military and would REAM someone else for doing something so stupid.) What is it about guns that makes these people so insanely unreasonable? How can he possibly not see that guns are not the same as knives, or cars, or cigarettes? (Arguments we have already had.) GAH.

  2. People, people who shott peeeeeeeeepul

    Are the most responsible people, in the world.

    My contribution to “Gunzloonz–The Musical”

    There’s been a month long sporadic flamewar going on over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars with a gunzloon who insists that he and HIS sort of LAGO are better trained than cops. He likes to point to things like the Empire State Building shootout of 2012 where nine persons who were simply innocent bystanders were wounded when two cops opened fire on a guy who was pointing a gun at them–a loaded .45 cal semi-automatic pistol. He makes a lot of claims about how he and other CCW types would have identified the threat and neutralized it without harming anyone else. And he makes these ridiculous assertions with an absolute lack of experience in actually having to shoot someone or be shot by that person.

    I’ve known a lot of cops over the last 50 or so years and the vast majority of them never fired a weapon except at the range. To most cops I’ve talked to a gun is NOT the first thing that they think to use when they are trying to defuse a tense situation.

    Bullets; they won’t fit back into the gun after they’ve done some soft tissue damage or hit a bone.