Your State Under Republican Rule

Hey, Gov. Bill Haslam: you might want to rethink that whole “we can’t afford the virtually free Medicaid expansion” deal the Feds are offering:

Crews were called to the Advance Auto Parts on Nolensville Pike after the robbery occurred around 8 p.m. Tuesday, according to a release from the Metro Nashville Police Department.

With a black mask concealing his face and a semiautomatic pistol in hand, he demanded money from a cash register. He allegedly repeatedly told the clerk “my girl’s got cancer, I need this money,” police said.

After the cashier complied, police said, the suspect fled on foot near the Full Gospel Mission Church.

I swear to God, Republicans have no clue how to run a government. On the other hand, I guess they’re wishing/hoping that cashier had been armed so he could “stand his ground” and shoot and kill the guy. Problem solved!

Republicans don’t care about people, plain and simple. They don’t care about black people, poor people, sick people, or anyone who’s either not a fetus or or a person of the “corporate” person.

Looks like it’s time for me to amend my “Top Signs Your Healthcare System Is Broken” list and add #6: when people rob you at gunpoint to pay for their girl’s cancer treatment.

I’m sick to death of Republicans driving people to desperation because they’ve never had to wonder where their next meal is coming from and assume everyone who does is just lazy. Fucking fuckers.


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11 responses to “Your State Under Republican Rule

  1. Randy

    She could have gone to the E.R. (First!)

    • Martin Norred

      O.K., dildo, did Anyone say Anywhere that she didn’t go there? Most likely, that’s where she found out about the cancer in the (First!) place! Next, any E.R. is going to be constrained on budget, but especially in states that didn’t expand Medicaid! As a matter of fact, Many of those hospitals are closing from lack of funds. IDIOTS!!!

    • Or a charity … surely there’s a charity, somewhere? Maybe have a fundraiser, you know, Garth Brooks could stage a concert for her. Or who was the brilliant policy genius who suggested trading medical care for chickens? Maybe she could have shown up at the excellent Sarah Cannon Cancer Center here in Nashville with a basket of eggs? Silly poors!

  2. greennotGreen

    Of course, it’s not just Tennessee state government that’s broken, in this case. What kind of society uses material wealth to give one child a chance to live and another no choice except to die? We talk about loving children, but I see little evidence that America cares one whit except when it’s expedient.

  3. Kathleen

    Bless you, Ms. Beale, for a most righteous rant! To quote Smokey Robinson, “I Second That Emotion”.

  4. Mary Wilson

    OK, Peeps, listen up. This state has suffered for 4 years from the multimillionaire in our Governor’s Mansion, from the multimillionaire Senators, and NOW, THIS ELECTION, our Democratic Party have some GREAT, intelligent, competent, mathematically sharp Candidates. It will take a REAL Grass Roots to step over all the dirty money to elect REAL candidates, but here is my partial list:
    For Governor, I endorse a proven, experienced (IN TN POLITICS!) competent, former 20 year teacher, baseball coach, County Commissioner, County Mayor who DOES have a chance to send Bill HOME….John McKamey. He is passionate about rebuilding our Public Schools, and he supports WOMEN and their rights, helping them earn a decent wage, grow in the careers they choose and he respects our privacy. Even if you are in the growing group, Anybody but Haslam, you can support John McKamey!
    For U.S. Senator who wants Lamar to move back to his mountain resort: Terry Adams, Navy Veteran, small business owner and supporter of working people here, Veterans and people who have been denied health insurance.
    And for sure, our Knox County Cheri Siler, teacher, mother of 6, small business owner, running against Stacey Campfield!
    Check ’em out and GO VOTE.

  5. Am I mistaken in thinking that Randy should have used an “/s” after his comment?

  6. The trouble is that too many people make the ‘Emergency Room’ comment in all seriousness, which is why Randy fooled a couple of people. But I wish people would realize how much of a myth this is, anyway. Yoy can’t get regulat medical care from an Emergency room, at least not in my experience. You get any weird condition tested and hopefully diagnosed, you can get a quick, symptomatic relief of a specific problem, and if you do have something serious that requires admittance, you’ll get it. But anything like continuing care, aftercare, or anything ‘beyond the immediate’ means you will be referred to a clinic of the hospital — and the rules about emergency rooms having to treat you and not being permitted to chase you for bills don’t apply to clinics. So the Republican meme is not merely insulting and the least cost effective way to provide care, it just isn’t true overall.

    • You are correct.

      Otoh, when people tell me that they don’t want people getting a free ride cuz, OBUMMERCARE!, I tell them that hospitals ALREADY take care of many people who have no means to pay them and let those of us with insurance (not me, I’m on the VA’s rolls) pick up the tab. So, you’re already paying for it, it’s just not itemized on your bill.

      The republicans like to call greed, selfishness, callousness towards the “least of me” and an exclusionist “lack mentality” as “personal responsibility”.

      Don’t get me started on “Family values”.