Congratulations, Unidentified N.C. Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

A Friday evening trip to PetSmart for a man and his wife resulted in a trip to the ER thanks to what police say is likely an accidental gun discharge by some nervous Nellie too askeered to hit the local mall without his or her fireams:

A man and his wife were going into the PetSmart when someone’s .22-caliber gun discharged somewhere near the building, police said. The shot hit the building and then hit the man’s shoulder, police said.

Several nearby stores were locked down just in case the incident was serious. However, police don’t believe there is any threat to the public.

A trip to PetSmart to buy some goddamn dog food now involves risk of bodily injury, possibly even death, because of Freedom! Second Amendment! Constitution!

Everything I’ve always said that’s wrong with open carry, concealed carry, guns-in-cars, guns-in-restaurants, guns everywhere, etc. is realized all across America every single week. Some innocent person going about their life is put at risk by a gun-humping yahoo who for inexplicable reasons (*cough*cough*FOX NEWS*cough*cough*) has been led to believe the streets of America are not safe for ordinary, unarmed citizens. You people are crazy. If you can’t see you’re being manipulated by a corporate interest that profits from fearmongering, you’re also stupid. Please just stay home if you’re that scared.

By the way, we have a Second Amendment Hero runner-up this week, this one in South Carolina, though our Hero is from North Carolina (what are the odds!):

Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office

A 2-year-old child was inside an Orangeburg hotel room that was struck by a bullet when a guest’s gun went off early Thursday.

Investigators were sent to the Holiday Inn Express about 7 a.m. where they spoke with a Virginia couple who said they were awakened by a gunshot. The man said when he got up to investigate, he found a hole in a glass door and what looked like a bullet on the floor.

At that point, a North Carolina man began knocking on the couple’s door to explain and apologize. He said he was staying in the room next door and had been putting his .45 caliber Colt pistol in his luggage. As he did, the handgun fell to the floor, discharging a round through his closet and into the Virginia couple’s adjacent room.

No one in the room, including the 2-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy, was injured.

Management and the North Carolina man reached an agreement about paying for the damages, the report states. No charges have been filed.

No, filing charges would be wrong. /snark

As more people carry their weapons out in the world where the populace congregates, we will see more incidents like this happen. Not all of them will have such happy endings. I predict we’ll look back on this era of loosening gun carry laws as a particularly crazy period of American history, a time when America capitulated to the forces of fear over reason. We’ve been here before (Red Scare, anyone?). The people who led that charge have not been remembered well by history. The gun loons won’t be, either.

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  1. Now that you mention it, I don’t recall any of our staunch 2ndMendment profiteers making a NOT FUCKING FULLY AUTOMATIC, IT’S A SINGLE SHOT PER TRIGGER PULL THAT JUST LOOKS LIKE THE REAL THING YOU ANTI’S!! ARstyle weppin’ named The McCarthy or The Cohninator. Are there any posters with Obama looking like Alger Hiss, yet?

    In other news:

    “There in a much better place” says the young lady.

    Sorry, honey, they’re dead; they’re dead because of assholes in the Texas lege and elsewhere who think that 2ndMendment RIGHTS are more important than public safety.