Good News Friday

Well, it appears we’re back in business at the Beale household! A technician came this morning, figured out something to do with serial numbers and handshakes and whatever, and we got our phone, TV and internet back. Keeping fingers crossed that this is the real deal. Now starts the fighting over our money. Sigh.

I know I owe you a Good News post, so here’s an abbreviated collection. Sorry for the rants and craziness this week.

• The town of Somerset, KY, opened its own no-frills municipal gas station, after years of complaints from citizens about price gouging from private retailers. Gas prices at nearby retailers immediately dropped, though the local gas station owners are whining about “socialism.” Competition will do that.

• Ted Nugent’s long history of being an asshole has cost him another gig, this time an August 4 concert at the Coeur d’Alene Tribe of American Indians’ North Idaho casino. Said Chief Allan, Chairman of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, in a statement:

“We know what it’s like to be the target of hateful messages and we would never want perpetuate hate in any way.”

Nugent responded as only he can: by proving how right the tribe was to cancel his show. That cost Nugent yet another casino booking, this one in Washington. It’s about time these pieces of shit start paying a price for their racism.

• Death of another right-wing myth (this is getting to be a regular feature over here): high taxes don’t make rich people move. Guess we here in Tennessee shouldn’t expect Sean Hannity to arrive any time soon.

• If you want to see a place with robust economic growth fueled by a rapidly expanding middle class, take a look at Africa. Hey, it’s not all kids with swollen bellies and drought-ravaged landscapes. Who knew?

• A deeply unpopular Republican Party and a more-popular-than-expected Obamacare have dwindled Republican hopes for midterm landslide.

• I always thought billionaire Mark Cuban was a bit of a dick, bit this week he took to Twitter to attack corporate tax cheats:

“When companies move off shore to save on taxes, you and I make up the tax shortfall elsewhere sell those stocks and they won’t move,” he tweeted later.

* Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Nashville bookstore Parnassus Books, owned by author Ann Patchett, has been named one of the world’s coolest bookstores by CNN. I’ve been there many times and it is, indeed, very cool.

• Nashville held its first-ever GLBT wedding expo.

• Related: my local Gannett fishwrap actually printed a same-sex marriage announcement. Progress!

• More Nashvillians are recycling.

• Billie, one of the hundreds if not thousands of abused circus elephants worldwide, finds a new home at Tennessee’s Elephant Sanctuary.

This week’s cool video: watch this dog get so excited to see its owner for the first time in two years that it passed out! Kinda like how I feel about having my communication services back:


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4 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Glad to hear it’s a network and not a netfail. I just hope it stays that way.

  2. Randy

    Welcome back. Your blog roll kept me going in your abscence.