What It Takes To Get An “A” Rating From The NRA

I’m just now catching up on all the news I missed from the past week. This is absolutely hilarious:

NASHVILLE — U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn., has gotten a boost in his reelection bid in the form of an endorsement from the powerful National Rifle Association’s political arm.

“On behalf of our five million members across the country, the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse your candidacy,” wrote James J. Baker, the group’s director of federal affairs in a July 14 letter.

The NRA-PVF gave DesJarlais an “A” rating.

DesJarlais is facing a tough reelection fight after it was revealed that the pro-life Tea Party wackaloon is a serial philanderer who pressured at least one mistress to have an abortion, while his wife had two abortions. This is a pattern with pro-lifers: my abortion is necessary and perfectly fine. Yours, not so much.

But here’s what I love about the NRA endorsement: this is the guy who allegedly dry-fired a gun outside his then-wife’s locked bedroom door and held a gun in his own mouth for three hours during an argument with her.

An “A” rating from the NRA, yessirree. And they wonder why we call them gun-humpers.


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7 responses to “What It Takes To Get An “A” Rating From The NRA

  1. Kathleen

    Maybe the “A” in the rating stands for “abortion”?

  2. Mary Wilson

    Yeah, and I am sure it/they also endorsed David Hawk to waved a gun at his 2nd wife while she was holding their child…or Todd Curry, the co-sponsor of the “Guns in Bars” bill, who was stopped, DUI, in his pick up after leaving a bar, with his loaded gun in the seat beside him…or Ramsey and Campfield who keep pushing these “Guns EVERYWHERE” bills. Campfield submitted one to allow guns in parked cars on campuses. (On Friday night this past week, 5 were shot, one died at a BAR right off campus here in Knoxville. I blame those two suck ups to the NRA for this shooting.

  3. And then you think, accurately, that the NRA is by far the sanest, the most ‘kind and gentle,’ even the most (comparatively) ‘left wing’ of the gun groups. They are nothing compared to Larry Pratt and the Gun Owners of America.

    Then there is Pastor Jody Hice. Pastor Hice — the Republican candidate in GA-10 to replace Paul Broun — stated on his daily radio program that “It is my belief that any, any, any, any weapon that our government and law enforcement possesses,” Hice said, “ought to be allowed for individuals to possess in this country.”
    And I’ve heard the whole program and he meant it quite literally. There was no ‘exaggeration for emphasis’ or use of overstatement to counter an opponent In his mind, apparently, there was no overstatement at all. In fact, “Bazooka Jody” in fact did specifically and repeatedly refer to bazookas in the extended excerpt — which is beginning to pop up all over the web. But he is apparently quite at home with citizens having stinger missles and tactical nukes — ‘as long as they can afford them and have a clean record.’

    [I should state that I have already volunteered advice and suggestions to Ken Dious, his Democratic opponent, along with a (small) cash contribution, and may even be writing for his web site. Bur, given the make-up of the district and the previous incumbent, he’s got a long way to go. But if he even makes it competitive in THAT district, it will be a hell of an accomplishment, and I have the feeling that there are a few more gems that may even make the race close. And no, I don’t think Ken would turn down any more help from ‘outsiders’ *hint*hint.*

    [In fact, I was going to ask for help going through a couple of years of Pastor Jody’s programs — but he yanked them from the Internet and YouTube as soon as he got the nomination and people began quote mining them. There are a few left, but not the project I expected to start.]

    • Jim 'Prup' Benton

      Oh, I forget to mention that those comments were made on the program shortly after — and specifically in response to — the Aurora Theater Massacre (which he calls the “Batman theater incident” and blames it on ‘taking God out of the public arena.’)

    • CB

      Jim, ANYTHING you can do to help Dious will be greatly appreciated by the progressives in middle Georgia. This district isn’t as solidly red as it’s often painted. It includes Milledgeville, my home town, and home of the flagship liberal arts college of the state system. I know FOR A FACT that there are progressive voters there who haven’t given up, and they think Hice is a certifiable lunatic. It’s not just the gun issue. He’s also the one who thinks that women shouldn’t run for public office unless under the “supervision” of their husbands, fathers, etc. He’s just another white, southern man with a sense of entitlement of biblical proportions.

      Nathan Deal has walked into an ethical hornet’s nest, and is running against Jason Carter, whose numbers are getting better and better. He and Michelle Nunn both have powerful name recognition, and as we know, that often works with low information voters. There are already ‘outside interests’ running tv ads against Nunn. Use that, if you have to. Go get ’em!!!

      • Jim 'Prup' Benton

        Don’t worry, I will, from up here in Brooklyn, but you are a lot closer for direct people-to-people work, hint, (Hmm, and I think Gwinnet is in the district, the home of the Braves AAA team — which might be useful as well.) Actually what got me started was Hice’s homophobia, and the possibility of using an idea I’d had. (In fact, my e-mail is jimbentn at Verizon dot net, and if you know any local gays who are both out and registered voters in the district, please have them write me. I can’t go into details — can’t even be sure Ken will go with this in practice, though he liked the idea in theory — but I might have an interesting thing for them to do which might bring headlines and more support to Ken, and, in result to Michelle Nunn and other Democrats even in different states.)

        I am still checking this, but I am getting the strong feeling that Hice is not so much of a lunatic as a pure hustler and con artist — and a lousy one at that. Certainly he ‘doesn’t listen to himself’ and lets his tongue gallop out of control, but there is this one other thing about his show… (to be continued if it checks out.)

  4. Of course. The NRA cares only about their legislative record. If they do things calculated to increase gun sales, they get a positive score from the NRA. If they do things that might possibly reduce gun sales, they get a negative score. Anything they actually do with guns themselves has no impact.