Congratulations, Unidentified NC Woman! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour!


Ooops. Our hero is a woman, not a man, and she’s a Marine, too.


A North Carolina man packing to move accidentally discharged his gun, shooting his neighbor Brannaird Riley in the arm. Riley lives in the next apartment:

Police said that further investigation revealed the projectile that struck him came from the adjacent apartment. The duplex apartments share a common wall which separates the two apartments. Investigators said the neighbor was packing to move when the weapon discharged. The projectile went through the walls and into the apartment.

Information collected during the investigation was presented to District Attorney Scott Thomas. Due to the circumstances of the event it was determined that the weapon discharge was accidental and no criminal charges will be filed.

Just an accident! Bygones!


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10 responses to “Congratulations, Unidentified NC Woman! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour!

  1. Kathleen

    Good to know the NRA will not have to lobby for “Stand your WOOPS!” leglislation..

  2. The local prosecutor may not have charges to file but I’m betting her superior officers are gonna have a word or six with her. How the fuck do you clean a weapon with a round in the chamber?

    • tao

      It’s usually a systematic error. Bubba racks the slide back to pop the live round out of the firing chamber and then drops the magazine out and presto!, the gun is unloaded and ready to clean. Except the returning slide picks up and chambers a fresh round before Bubba takes the magazine out. Bubba then pulls the trigger to release the hammer and like magic it fires. They are called autoloaders for a reason. A person who can not understand and follow the instructions in the owner’s manual that comes with all guns can still buy one.

    • People need to stop cleaning their damn guns all the time. Seems like 80% of these accidents happen when people are cleaning them.

  3. GregH

    SB, we were camping and hiking this past weekend at Frozen Head State Park and at the campground around 11 PM Saturday night I was leaving the bathroom as another fellow was entering. This guy, probably late twenties, was packing a rather large Bowie knife and next to it a small calibre pistol. I was taken aback, since the park has signs at the entrance that say “Alcohol and firearms are prohibited”. I asked a park ranger about this later and he told me that permit holders may carry their pistols, but no other firearms are allowed for park patrons. He added that discharging a firearm for any other reason than self-defense is still prohibited. I overheard another park ranger mention that they all carry pistols now, as a result of the permit carriers. Sigh. It’s a fucked up world when I can’t go hiking with my wife and kid in a state park without worrying that some paranoid nutjob will be allowed to bring his pistol along – ya know, since so many robberies and murders occur in the beautiful natural setting of our state parks. Sheesh!

    • And I believe it would have been illegal for you to ask to see that man’s permit. So we’re all supposed to assume everyone packing heat is legit. Yep and it’s all because of some imaginary, ginned-up “threat” that the NRA keeps shoving into the Fox News pipeline. We’re all supposed to be afraid of our neighbors and be packing heat because, whatever.

      • GregH

        Worse, if he had played music after quiet hours and I had gone over to complain, he could have shot me dead and claimed he felt “threatened” and gotten away scott-free! If I were black, they probably wouldn’t even arrest him.

      • If you were black Fox News would have trotted out your every Facebook post and blog comment to prove how you “deserved it.” God I hate the world sometimes.