Just Folks

Right-wingers have called for the fainting couches because President Obama used the word “folks” when discussing post-9/11 torture. Specifically, he said,

“We did a whole lot of things that were right, but we tortured some folks.”

It apepars Obama’s use of the word “folks” has right-wingers more upset than the actual torture. Last night on Real Time With Bill Maher the Token Conservative™ derided Obama’s use of the word as “glib,” while Dan Froomkin Tweeted that it was a “malapropism” and inappropriate:

That’s just a sampling of the outrage, you can ask the Great Gazoogle for more.

Meanwhile, let’s take a trip into the Memory Hole and go back to Sept. 11, 2001 and President Bush’s very first comments about the tragedy while he was still at Booker Elementary School reading My Pet Goat:

I have spoken to the Vice President, to the Governor of New York, to the Director of the FBI, and have ordered that the full resources of the federal government go to help the victims and their families, and — and to conduct a full-scale investigation to hunt down and to find those folks who committed this act.

This was just minutes after the attacks. But the attackers were “folks.” I wonder if Dan Froomkin and the rest called for the fainting couches back then?

But by all means, let’s continue to attack Obama for using the word “folks,” not the Bush Administration for their actual torture policy. Our discourse in this country is so stupid.


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11 responses to “Just Folks

  1. ThresherK

    Boy, I hope they never see Obama putting his feet up on furniture in the Oval Office. They’d lose their shit if that ever happened.

    Wait, what?

  2. CB

    Gee, I wonder what their response was when Rumsfeld referred to our troops in Iraq as “fungible assets”? No fainting couches then, either. He was talking about my son and his colleagues. I wanted to strangle him with my bare hands.

  3. Mary Wilson

    I really think that our President has learned how involved Cheney was in 9/11. He doesn’t want us, the taxpayers to pay for war crimes trials since HE had to find money to bring our country back from the “Bush Recession”. I predict if Jeb Bush even tries to run, all of us who had friends and relatives who were hurt, or died, in either of the two Iraq wars will vote for a donkey before allowing another Bush in OUR White House.

  4. Randy

    “That’s all folks!” (Sorry but having nothing useful to add to this sorry spectacle I couldn’t resist.)

    • Randy,

      One would think that it was a bombshell for the president of the U.S.A. to publicly admit that our country tortured prisoners of war.

      Instead, it’s a snooze. What the hell do you think is happening?

      I, for one, hope that it is no longer happening.

      • “One would think that it was a bombshell for the president of the U.S.A. to publicly admit that our country tortured prisoners of war.”


      • Randy

        I think any reasonably well informed person who gives a shit has known all along we tortured (“extraordinary rendition” ring a bell?) Everyone else is caught up in Obama Derangement Syndrome. Ergo, the muted response.

      • The muted response has been from the right. The righties got hysterical about the use of the word “folks,” in an attempt to deflect attention from what was a gross lapse in our country’s moral footing. Meanwhile, Up With Steve Kornacki devoted like an hour to it this morning. (torture not “folks”)

  5. Well, see, if you chase ’em, grab ’em up and prosecute ’em (even if it’s the wrong, “’em”) while republiPotUSin’, then they’s “folks”. But when the next black-o-PotUS comes along and ADMITS that the Bushco folks did it–well, then they’re Obamavictims.