Meet Second Amendment Hero Keith Belajonas. On March 16 his Facebook page supposedly sported this:


Last week he shot his wife to death in front of their their two small children. He grabbed the kids and took off for New York, prompting an Amber alert. He then held up his brother at gunpoint, then ditched the kids, took off, and committed suicide.

I guess he officially “unfriended” the world.

I love how everyone agrees we need to take guns away from the mentally ill, yet time and again we find the very gun loonz demanding we ditch common-sense gun control laws are the same people who wouldn’t be deemed mentally competent to own firearms.


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4 responses to “Unfriended

  1. These people are just so disgusting.

  2. I’m guessing order of protection, numerous violations without any real penalty and a real bad case of hurted man’s fee-fees.

    OT, but this is fun:


  3. GregH

    Between the gun lobby and corporate interests getting into PAC-funding a bunch of election campaigns here in the USA without the slightest restrictions, Denmark is starting to look like a better and better destination. Perhaps global warming will make the weather nicer for me too.

  4. Lots of unfit gun owners out there.