Memory Hole: Militarized Police Edition

I’m glad the Ferguson protests have sparked a debate about our militarized police. When I first heard the reports I immediately thought of this post I did back in March 2008. Though the post was ostensibly about CBS’ “60 Minutes” journalistic failure, the point relevant here is that the Pentagon had developed a crowd-control device called the “Active Denial System” which, thanks to blasted government bureaucracy, had yet to be deployed. Even though “60 Minutes” — and the Pentagon — were just certain we needed to use this new weapon in Iraq, of all places. Can you imagine!

But the Pentagon tipped its hand in its promotional video, which did not show this fancy new weapon used in a foreign land. Nope, it showed the Active Denial System deployed on anti-war protesters here at home.

From the post:

The “Active Denial System” is a non-lethal “ray gun” which zaps its target with super high-frequency radio waves. In other words, it’s a crowd control device. Gee, now I wonder how the government would use something like that?

Perhaps we have a little clue in the Pentagon’s demonstration video, which they aired as part of last night’s segment. The clip shows a group of people carrying signs that read “Love For All,” “End The War” and “World Peace.”

Coming soon to a police department near you? I can only imagine.

From gun loonz carting military assault rifles at Walmart and Kroger to armored vehicles manned by local police departments, the lesson is clear: Be careful what weapons of war you choose, taxpayers. They will soon appear in your own backyards.


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8 responses to “Memory Hole: Militarized Police Edition

  1. Kathleen

    Yippeeeeee!!!! I call “shotgun” in the armored vehicle. Oh, wait….

  2. themadkansan

    AKA The Microwave Cannon…

  3. Kosh III

    Welcome to the Fascist States of America

  4. Kind of intriguing following the libertarian posts on this issue over at Red State.(Eric needs my clicks, right?) Seems to be a rare area of agreement between progressives and conservatives. Yet I find myself feeling rather uneasy about a society in which the citzenry is more heavily armed than the police. What am I missing?

  5. The military equipment parade is coming to suburban Hendersonville and and rural Gallatin in the form of MRAPs, according to this Tennessean story: