Tennessee Gun Report

Another “freak accident” killed a four-year-old in Tennessee this week. Amazing how these “freak accidents” happen every week, isn’t it?

• August 19, 2014:

The family of a 68-year-old Blount County man who was accidentally shot and killed by a Sheriff’s deputy last year has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Details of the incident, which I dimly remember from last year, are a stunning example of our “shoot first” mentality run amok:

Ragland was conducting a property check at 1856 Mentor Road in Louisville following two reported burglaries at the rental property that week. At about the same time, Taylor was making his own check inside the garage.

Ragland told investigators he saw a broken window and went to investigate it, then shined his flashlight inside and saw a man with a gun. He said he shouted at the man and fired repeated shots, killing Taylor.

Stunningly bad form by a Sheriff’s deputy, though plenty of gun loons have made the same mistake, and come on places like my blog to defend their actions. “Heck yeah if I see someone on mah properteee I’m a-shootin’ ’em!”

Fucking idiots. We live in a country where we value property more than people. So yes, DO tell me how “pro life” y’all are. You aren’t pro-life, you’re just materialistic jerks.

• August 18, 2014:

A man driving on Nashville’s Ellington Parkway flashed a lighter that looked like a small gun at another driver in a road rage incident. He was arrested:

According to an affidavit, the victim was driving south on Ellington Parkway when a green Toyota Camry kept speeding up and slowing down in front of him.

The victim told police the driver, later identified as Anthony Raymer, pointed a small metallic copper-colored handgun at him when he tried to pass the Camry.

• August 17, 2014:

1- A four-year-old Clarksville boy has died after finding a gun and shooting himself in the chest.

2- Seventy-eight-year-old Bobby Russell had apparently been stewing for 40 years over that time back in the ’80s he sold his Englewood package store to Bill Haney. He showed up and shot Russell Haney, and then found and fatally shot 80-year-old Bill Culberson, who was also involved with the store. Armed society, polite society:

Russell was an original owner of the package store and seemed to have an obsession with the fact that he had once owned it, said Guy.

Old people and guns. About as wonderful as old people and cars.

• August 13, 2014:

A thrift shop in Springfield is offering discounts to valid gun permit holders for some weird reason.

• August 12, 2014:

One of our most responsible gun owners evah responsibly forgot all about the loaded .380 with a round chambered that was in their carry-on bag at the Nashville airport.

• And closing out the week: not Tennessee related at all but if you need a laugh, check out the Amazon.com reviews for “My Parents Open Carry.” They are delightful.


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7 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. onyxpnina

    Actually, Russell shot Haney.

    Agoraphobia is looking better all the time, except for those stray bullet things.

  2. Mary Wilson

    It’s ok SB….names do not matter…same scenario….Doofus gets hands on gun. Gun is loaded. Doofus shoots and kills another human being. Age, race, gender,…do NOT matter. Another life is lost. But it was an accident. So NO PROBLEM. Stupidity and ignorance reign.

  3. So, this morning, I’m out taking the airs with Buddy the Wonderdog and I see that a young man who lives about three blocks away has a nice, shiny Gadsden Flag right under the Stars’n’Stripes (which I note, with surprise, is right side up). I guess he’s announcing to the world that he’s suffered a lifetime of oppression (he’s about 25 and has doting parents) under the bootheel of the man and he’s “Mad as HELL and not gonna take it any more!”.

    I’m betting lotsa gunz in that house along with a radio stuck on Rush and a tube that only shows Duck Dynasty and Fuck The New’s Corpse programming.

    While he’s all up in the man’s face, somebody IS prolly making a list with his name and the rest of the “Don’t tread on me!” folks so that they will know who to kill, as soon as the balloon goes up. Teabaggist gunzloonz are right up there with Illinois Nazis in my Hate Parade.

    • We’ve got a few of those around me, too. One in particular flies from the front porch of a mini-manse a couple blocks away. Nothing says “I’m so oppressed” like $1 million+ house.

    • Lee Cruse

      Interesting that you think that supporting the Constitution and Bill of Rights is a problem. Do you have a problem with all civil rights or just the ones you do not like? Maybe you would feel better in some area that ISIS controls?

      • Dear Lee:

        Go fuck yourself you inidignorant fucktard. I read some of your shit the other day. The next time that you go to your paymasters to have them stuff more shit into your head, tell them you’re already way past the “full” mark.

        But, regardless whatever else you do, go fuck yourself, I mean it. Use one of your long, hard gunz, you fucking tool.