More Follow-Up Questions, Please

This is why I watch Aljazeera America:

Ah, those pesky “follow-up questions.” Don’t see them too often from the likes of Chuck Todd or David Gregory.

The fact of the matter is, when you ask the follow-up questions it becomes apparent that Republicans are not only legislating shit they don’t understand, they’re legislating shit they never bothered to think about. “Why would a woman want to get an abortion?” “Well gee now, I’ve never thought about that …”

Maybe you should, asshole. This should be asked of every anti-choice politician. If they can’t answer it they need to get to the end of the line.


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2 responses to “More Follow-Up Questions, Please

  1. tao

    Good Republicks never think; never question. They kinda like being told what to do.

  2. Mike G

    Why would a woman want an abortion? What he really wants to say is, “I don’t care”, because their thoughts and needs count for nothing to him. He wants Repuke money and votes, and the women affected are to him like livestock to be used for whatever advantage.

    The essence of Republicanism — edicts are handed down from authority and you follow them, don’t question anything or you’re evil. People outside their tribe don’t count for anything, so why bother trying to see anything from their perspective?

    They live in a simple bubble-world where they just obey; thinking is discouraged. Probably why they hate science and academics so much.