Ask Your Doctor If Hiatus Is Right For You

I’m taking a bit of a break but you know me, I may find some interesting graffiti to share … back in a week or so. Be good!

Fuck The System


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8 responses to “Ask Your Doctor If Hiatus Is Right For You

  1. Mary Wilson

    Thanks SB…I tried this approach but I am staying in the game. I took personally all of our Democratic Party defeats, here, especially in Knox County, and I continue to fight back. We have some GREAT Female candidates that the GOP has already written off. And there are thousands of outside dollars pouring in against them. Across this State, women have the guts to stand up against the GOP haters of women and families. So I won’t slow down. It means so much to me to elect candidates who will support the PEOPLE.

  2. Whatever it is, take care !

  3. Kathleen

    Enjoy your well deserved relaxation time, but know that you will be missed.( I mean, it’s not like I’m trying to lay a guilt trip on you or anything Just kidding).

  4. ThresherK

    The traditional glass is raised and the salute given:

    Enjoy your time off. Take plenty of scenic pix. And don’t worry about the crazy running out before you get back.

  5. You’re missing out on the Arizona second amendment hero. On the other hand, Stupid is in session every week when the NRA is still active.

    • So I looked at a couple of the videos offered up by youtube after watching the official video, like the sick puppie that I am.

      One of the videos had yellow-lettered BULLSHIT over the opening tableau. This glib gun enthusiast, calmly and oh so wisely explained how this was a hoax. Gun grabbing propaganda.