I Don’t Know What This Means

We’ve just returned from our travels and I promised you some graffiti blogging. Unfortunately, we chose to travel to the cleanest place in America, so there was a startling lack of graffiti.

See if you can figure out what this means:



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7 responses to “I Don’t Know What This Means

  1. Everyone wants to acquire money, including Jesus. ?????

    • Origuy

      Could it be the boulder in front of his tomb? Not being a pagan, they probably didn’t leave him a coin for Charon. Guy can’t go to hell and back without a little pocket money.

  2. Sandy

    I’ve heard the expression “Jesus is my rock”‘ maybe someone felt ripped off, unsaved or something? Just a guess.

  3. Was this in area where there are a lot of “rock” candy salespersons?

  4. I was just over at the local “Thrifty Shopper” which is run by the Syracuse Mission, a Catholic relief agency (if memory serves). One of the local street savants was asking a clerk who is deeply committed to his faith if GOD was all powerful, could he make a rock he couldn’t lift. The clerk’s reply was that it was a silly philosophical question/exersice because GOD is omnipotent–as if that was some sort of logical answer. I like shopping there so I didn’t tell the kid how completely idiotic his statement was. He sounds like good material for the priesthood.

  5. blondaura

    Street slang for crack.