Doing It Wrong

I am not sure why East Tennessee State University has opened its campus to crackpot evangelists who harass students, but apparently being fat-shamed and berated as a “fornicator” is something you must endure as an ETSU student. From the Johnson City Press:

One student, whose identity will be protected by The Press, emailed the newspaper complaining that she was verbally harassed by Jackson in front of a large group of her peers when the streetcorner deacon said she “looked like (she) weighed as much as a football linebacker.”


But Jackson, who travels a circuit of U.S. college campuses issuing provocative condemnations of nearly every vice, bad habit, alternative lifestyle and differing viewpoint, properly filled out and submitted his application to speak in ETSU’s Borchuck Plaza, one of the college’s defined limited public forum areas, Smith said.

Apparently this guy is part of a fundie outfit called Revival Mission Ministries, which sends preachers out to college campuses to do “open-air preaching,” in which they rail and rant against pretty much everything they don’t agree with. They look an awful lot like the Westboro Baptist Church cult. Here they are at East Carolina University back in March:


Note the joy on the students’ faces. /sarcasm

According to the story, Jackson’s ranting was followed by yet another raving street preacher the next day, with the campus public safety office erecting wooden barriers around him, something deemed necessary after Jackson’s appearance the day prior. Ye shall know them by their fruits, folks.

This isn’t preaching, it’s harassment. It’s ego-indulging, attention-seeking, self-promotion. In fact, people like this aren’t doing themselves or their cause any favors:

A landmark Pew Research from 2012 shows that attachment by young people to organized religious bodies is on the decline. Many of those who don’t belong to a church, synagogue, or mosque still practice religion informally to a certain extent. However, they have grown wary of the way that traditional institutions mix political power with the pursuit of otherworldly aims.

Nine out of ten older Americans are directly affiliated with a religion, a statistic that goes down to two-thirds with the youngest adults. Softened commitment generally means less strong attachment to God and less frequent attendance at services. It also entails more liberal political views, a higher likelihood of voting Democratic, and support for abortion rights.

Here’s a video of Jackson, pulled from the ministry’s website. As one might expect, he doesn’t seem to be winning many converts. Instead, he seems to be indulging his ego. He also seems to have a very narrow view of “sin.” Intolerance and unkindness are just as much sins as what you do with your naughty parts. Not sure why college students should be subjected to this. Jackson seems young and inexperienced, perhaps in a few years he’ll wake up and realize he’s Doing It Wrong.


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8 responses to “Doing It Wrong

  1. There was a couple who knocked on our door, and as soon as i opened the door, the first words that came out of their mouth were, ‘ “Do you want Jesus to enter your heart ? ” I answered Jesus is already in my heart. I’m sorry, I;m busy right now.

  2. onyxpnina

    Seriously, “preachers” like that make Christianity seem toxic and nasty and make atheism (or agnosticism) sound rational and loving. (Hmmmm…what did I just imply there? …Ah. Neither are necessarily either the above qualities or their opposites. It just appears that way. Sometimes.) I decided long ago that they’re not trying to convert people, they’re trying to repel them (and it works).

  3. Here we get the itinerant asshats of Pinpoint “Ministries.” Since they do stay in mostly public streets, they get their right to express themselves. By now, we either flat out ignore them or mount a counter protest to drown them out.

  4. Mike G

    We had obnoxious fire-and-brimstone guys on my campus for a while, carrying big signs proclaiming their hatred of gays, fornicators, etc. and pissing people off with their rants. But the students quickly became adept at heckling and pushing their buttons in return, and eventually they left.

  5. Mary Hackett Graham

    Jackson and his ilk, like Westboro Baptist, make their living suing the schools. It’s a bloody nuisance but it’s better the schools tolerate it than lose on first amendment grounds. And, repugnant as that is, I suppose it’s better for all of us in the long run.

    • CB

      Was Westboro the first to recognize the potential income stream from lawsuits? I read not long ago that they have lawyers who dance attandance at their appearances, awaiting the chance to sue the britches off anyone who dares to stand in the way of their first amendment, or other, rights. I wonder what their success rate is?

      • I don’t know if they were the first but Phelps was a lawyer and several of his children are lawyers. It seems lawsuits is the family business. I don’t know why none of them were disbarred since clearly they were filing lawsuits just as a form of harassment, trying to get settlements.

      • I don’t think they were suing just as a nuisance. They were essentially IRL trolls. The were deliberately obnoxious as a way of provoking illegal responses that gave them grounds for their lawsuits. It wasn’t always 1st Amendment stuff, either; they were evil enough to provoke violence, which gave them legal grounds to sue the people who attacked them.