Congratulations, Unidentified CA Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Pro-tip: when the gun in your pocket accidentally goes off at a restaurant, maybe pretending it didn’t happen isn’t the best idea:

A man reportedly accidentally fired his weapon while he was at a Heavenly Village restaurant with his wife and two small children Saturday evening.

“The male subject was very apologetic and went back to his seat where he sat for 10-to-15 minutes before paying their [sic] bill and leaving the restaurant,” according to a South Lake Tahoe Police Department Police report based on witness statements.


A witness told police that the music in the restaurant was loud, but the shot was louder. He also said the man was noticeably stiffened following the shot, then regained his composure and continued to wait for his food. The witness was sure the man had shot himself in the leg and expected blood to start gushing out, but all he saw was a hole in his shorts.

He added that he was surprised no one called the police, but that later several patrons complained to staff and the police were eventually called.

According to the police, several witnesses were surprised that nobody called until several minutes after.

By the way, what kind of moron keeps a loaded gun in his pocket? Our last Second Amendment Hero Du Jour made the same mistake.


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2 responses to “Congratulations, Unidentified CA Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. CB

    Carry concealed? I got nothing else.

  2. Kathleen

    I wish they all carried the damn things in their pockets. The gun people need to invent some device that would ensure that if the gun went off while in the pocket only the person with the gun would get hurt.