Tennessee Gun Report

A brief round-up … Haven’t actually had a lot of time to look for news. However, we do have one accidental shooting this week.

• September 9, 2014:

1- Two loaded guns were found in different carry-on bags at Nashville International Airport. So, SO responsible, y’all.

2- A Brownsville student brought a loaded gun to school. Sigh.

• September 6, 2014:

A Memphis-area man accidentally shot his friend in the car while it was parked at a Mapco station, killing him.

• September 3, 2014:

A road rage incident on I-26 resulted in one man pulling a gun and threatening to blow off the other man’s finger.

• August 29, 2014:

Nashville’s own open carry loon, who parades around public places with a rifle strapped to his back and wearing a bullet proof vest, is back openly carrying is high-powered weaponry around the streets of Nashville. I have not seen this man, but if I ever do I am leaving. If that means I don’t pay my restaurant check, or bar tab, or whatever, so be it.


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3 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. W

    I saw him once strolling past the capital down toward the court house. Apparently I was the first one to call 911 about it. Ended up having to be interviewed by MNPD’s Professional Accountability group because of his lawsuit.

  2. Mary Wilson

    Well, these fools are ticking time bombs and the only thing on their mind is ‘I want to prove the 2nd Amendment gives me the right to shoot to kill anyone who even looks like they might piss me off’. When that happens, just maybe Ron Ramsey will be in the line of fire….or any of those paid agents of the NRA in our goofy Legislature that voted for these ‘open carry’ laws.