Lamar Advertising: Hate Profiteers

Notoriously despicable billboard company Lamar Advertising is profiting from homophobia by accepting this billboard north of Nashville. It was apparently paid for and purchased by “concerned Christians.”

Yeah, this is why people are leaving the church in droves. Just stop the crap, already, religious people. Apparently the tone and message has prompted complaints:

Mayor Wilber said he’s well-aware of the discussions surrounding the sign; one resident called him to complain.

“Thought it was not fit for the time that we’re in, just thought it was out of place, just sent a bad message,” he explained.

Good for the people of Portland, Tennessee. And really, Lamar Advertising is profiting from this? What a horrible company. I’m reminded of this story from just a few years ago in which they refused to run ads from Georgia Equality, saying,

…”We just didn’t feel the copy was right for those markets” …

The offending copy?

The billboards proposed by Georgia Equality feature images of professionals, such as a male firefighter and a female doctor, and include tag lines that read, “I protect you. And … I am gay. We Are Your Neighbors.”

Yeah, so not right.

What a bunch of assholes. Profiting from hate never works, Lamar Advertising.


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4 responses to “Lamar Advertising: Hate Profiteers

  1. greennotGreen

    There’s also a billboard on Briley Parkway near Centennial Blvd. that says “God created the earth,” with a crossed-out picture of progression from ape-like humanoid to human. Of course, that’s only offensive if you’re offended by stupidity and ignorance.

  2. Kosh III

    I’ve never had one of these avowed “christians” cite a passage in the Bible that says to hate the sin and love the sinner.
    But it does say “Jonathan your love for me was wonderful, passing the love of women. ” King David.

    “Owe unto yo scribes and Pharisees; hypocrites” Jesus. Matthew 23:1

  3. And THIS is why I left the Southern Baptist church in colliege. Such hateful, ignorant, truth denying folks.

  4. They all claim that their GOD commands them to be hatefilled santimonious assholes–but most o them haven’t even read the rule book.