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Meanwhile, in Nashville, this happened.

I live three blocks from here. Our cowardly state legislators refuse to do anything. They are completely useless.


Forgot to post this yesterday. One accidental shooting this week, a toddler. Brilliant.

• September 17, 2014:

1- high school football player in Memphis pulled a gun on an assistant coach after an argument. Thankfully, it was a toy gun.

2- Knoxville, Tennessee-based Lucky Gunner is one of four online retailers being sued by the parents of a victim of the Colorado theater shooting for providing ammo and weapons to shooter James Holmes:

The lawsuit says Holmes bought at least 4,300 rounds of ammunition from Lucky Gunner’s website, bulkammo.com, and 700 rounds of ammunition and a 100-round magazine from the Sportsman’s Guide website.


Dave Kopel, research director for the Independence Institute, a conservative-leaning Colorado think tank, said the suit will have a difficult time overcoming a federal law that protects the legal manufacture and sale of weapons and ammunition.

Previous lawsuits have attempted but failed to overturn the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, said Kopel, an attorney who represents 53 Colorado sheriffs trying to overturn Colorado’s 2013 gun laws. They are appealing a federal judge’s ruling against them.

I just don’t understand why buying 4,300 rounds of ammo from a website is considered a legal sale of ammunition. The lawsuit also claims the website had no safeguards in place to prevent sales to “persons with criminal intent.”

• Septemeber 15, 2014:

1- A Murfreesboro mom accidentally shot her 11-month old baby when she pulled a 9mm out during a domestic dispute with her boyfriend.

2- A 15-year-old student at a Nashville high school brought a gun to school. She was attempting to sell it to another student.

3- A retired Chattanooga police officer shot his stepson in the leg:

Eidson said he told Ingle that he didn’t want to shoot him. But Ingle then rushed Eidson with his hand over his head in a fist. Eidson said the two bumped and the gun went off, shooting Ingle in the right leg, just above the knee.


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8 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Mary Wilson

    Ah, the Tennessee gun lunacy prevails. And ole huntin’ season is upon us, so the accidents will begin soon…Some counties still allow days out of school so the kids can go huntin’ with Dad and Grandpa…years ago it was because they had to put food on the table. Now, each year forward, it just proves just how careless grown ups are teaching the younger ones how NOT to shoot themselves ……or Grandpa.

  2. “I just don’t understand why buying 4,300 rounds of ammo from a website is considered a legal sale of ammunition.”

    Well, it’s not like you can’t buy 4,300 dildoes in Alabama or 4,300 bottles of NyQuil purty much everwhere!

    • “I just don’t understand why buying 4,300 rounds of ammo from a website is considered a legal sale of ammunition.” – that is only 8 boxes of .22LR with 550 rounds per box, about $22 per box at Walmart. In fact many on-line resellers will not sell less than 2000 rounds at a time. Namely, because of the silly Hazmat tax for shipping ammo makes the on-line purchase cost more than retail for less.
      Many gun owners shoot a couple hundred or more every single week just to keep our skill set current. One of the better tactical classes will go thru that much ammo in one class.

      • You’re fucking nuts. Your “skill set”? What are you, a sniper?

      • @Southern Beale,
        You need to actually learn something about carry of a firearm, before you make statements that show your lack of education.
        Should you ever actually be forced to use a handgun for self defense, you will not be shooting at a stationary paper target and you will not be standing still. Also, expect to loose much of your fine muscle control due to adrenaline increase in your body. So, since it is important to us not to hit unintended innocent people, our ability to hit our target under stress is something worth while and requires regular practice and training.

      • I’m glad I don’t live in such perpetual fear of my fellow citizens that I even have to think the way you do. Get some fucking therapy. This is America, not Syria.

  3. CB

    In re: Embody, like sexual exhibitionists everywhere, he’s in it for the attention. The leaflets are just a prop. “I’m used to the cops tailing me. Yesterday there were probably 10 cop cars following me around Vanderbilt.” He loves it when the cops tail him. Loves. It. Does Vandy have its own rules about campus carry, or has the TN lege overridden them [yet]?

  4. “Ingle then rushed Eidson with his hand over his head in a fist.” – at this point Ingle showed opportunity, ability and intent to do serious harm Eidison.
    They shooting would probably have been judged as justified, if he would have stopped in his statement at this point., By claiming “the gun just went off” has put himself when he could be charged with a serious crime Do not make statements without your lawyer.