Good News Friday

Some good news for the weekend. Enjoy!

• The British parliament voted overwhelmingly to recognize Palestine alongside Israel.

• Michael Dunn was sentenced to life in prison for the first degree murder of a Florida teenager over loud music.

• Lockheed Martin says it has made a major breakthrough in fusion technology.

• I love this story: A parrot with a British accent disappeared for four years, then returned home fluent in Spanish and asking for a guy named Larry. Hilarious.

• The U.S. Supreme Court has temporarily blocked Texas from shutting down its abortion clinics.

• A N.C. judge upheld a ban on concealed firearms at the North Carolina State Fair.

• A new report from the Vatican says the church should welcome gays and lesbians.

• Queens, New York is poised to get a super-cool greenway project. We’ve been to the High Line in Manhattan and it’s absolutely incredible.

• Harvard scientists say a cure for Type 1 diabetes is imminent.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

Nashville is hosting the 2016 NHL All-Star Game! WOOT! Wonder how much seats on the glass will cost?

• The “Vote No On 1” side of the constitutional amendment that would give the Tennessee state legislature (as in, scary government) more power over abortion in Tennessee has outraised the pro-Yes On One side this quarter.

I’ve been deeply amused to see several of my known Tea Party-supporting, big-government-hating neighbors sporting “Yes on 1” signs in their yards. Proving once again how phony their ideology is. Don’t they just love big government when Republicans are in charge! But guess what, folks: the Tennessee legislature will turn left some day. Pendulums swing, ‘cuz that’s what they do. And your handing the abortion issue over to the legislature now will come back to bite y’all on your butts when that inevitable day comes. Idiots.

This week’s cool video: Putting the goober in “gubernatorial debate,” this week Florida Gov. Rick Scott had a huge hissy fit over a battery-operated fan under Charlie Crist’s podium and ended up looking like a ginormous fool:


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9 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. 1. Good for them. Now if only the US could be so sane . . .

    3. I hope they did. Charles Seife over at Slate pointed out that they’ve missed deadlines before, but he’s the eternal pessimist on fusion. Sounds like they still got to make a prototype.

    I know some people have said that solar and wind might just pass them by in ten years, but I don’t buy it. They’re doing good, but they’re still a pretty tiny fraction of the power supply and are going to need a lot of ancillary infrastructure – storage, more power lines to relay power out of isolated areas in the case of wind – to become as big as coal or natural gas power.

  2. That’s quite a bit of good news SB. Almost enough to make one think that we are winning.

    Just wondering a little bit… Since Governor Scott has already had his head circumcised, why is he so sensitive to heat? Is it just because evil republicans tend to sweat more like Nixon in 1960, or is he on amphetamines?

  3. CB

    “Michael Dunn was sentenced to life in prison for the first degree murder of a Florida teenager over loud music.” As a friend of mine said, “He’s gonna be passed around like a foot-long joint.”

    “Harvard scientists say a cure for Type 1 diabetes is imminent.” The manufactured beta cells have not yet been cleared for clinical trials. This will take years, y’all. I’m a Type 1 myself; I’d love for this to be so, but not telling myself any sweet stories. Once the therapy clears clinical trials, then Big Pharma gets to price it out of the hands of most diabetics, and THEN Big Insurance gets to decide that it’s experimental and they won’t cover it. I don’t see anything like this happening in my lifetime. There is, evidently, a different meaning for imminent in the UK. I’d also like to know why the U.S. media isn’t falling all over itself getting this word out. Most of what I’ve seen has been this article from the Telegraph

  4. ThresherK

    I’m close enough to parts of the East Coast Greenway to ride my bicycle to it, then on it. It would be very cool to go to NYC via a combination of easy greenway-to-train legs.

    Bonus points: The shortsighted transportation setup, even here in the Northeast, has resulted in much of I-95 in CT on the way to New York being so over-full of traffic, in a place with so little room to build temporary alternates, that it almost can’t be done.

    Imagine having to dive down through a room full of sewage simply to get to the clogged toilet causing it all, and you’ll understand how we’ve paved ourselves nigh until a standstill.

    • Nashville is trying to do this bike-commute thing and encourage people to bike and walk to work which is great until you realize what fucking awful drivers we have here. I don’t know one biking person who hasn’t been in a horrific accident and I have been nearly run off the road enough times to make me not use my bike ever again. For some reason people here think a painted line on the pavement is somehow magically going to protect you from cars. Amazingly, it doesn’t!

  5. Kate Smith

    I went to the NC State Fair on Sunday, and we all went through metal detectors. Ain’t life grand? (F**ing f**ers.)