Who You Gonna Call, America?

Healthcare professionals nearly universally agree that implementing a travel ban for Ebola-affected countries in West Africa is not just a bad idea, it’s a bad idea that will backfire.

Republicans, the same people who have weird notions about the earth’s climate, have bizarre ideas about how the female body works, believe in fringe conspiracy theories like Agenda 21, and other jaw-droppingly stupid things, disagree.

So, who are you going to listen to, America? When it comes to public health and public safety, are you going to listen to the healthcare experts, or are you going to listen to the crazy people who think there are aborted fetuses in your can of Coca-Cola?

I despair for this country sometimes. I really do.


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3 responses to “Who You Gonna Call, America?

  1. gene108

    There is a certain truthiness to the Republican world view that makes it easy to accept.

  2. democommie

    Just a warning, folks.

    Do not open any e-mails from me, either the deocommie or my REAL name accounts. I got smacked by an e-mail from my nephew’s wife and now all of my .doc files and some others are encrypted with a malware program.

    Be careful.



  3. chrome agnomen

    wait….SOMETIMES you despair for this country? i continually despair for this country since insane became the new sane on the right side of the dial.