Dispatches From Inside The Bubble

Dinesh D’souza, sentenced to a “community confinement center” and parole for making illegal campaign donations, has turned his Twitter feed into his personal pity party, and it’s hilarious. From whining about Obummer to congratulating himself for living with “real criminals” (because apparently in his mind what he did wasn’t a crime?) to shilling his books and films, it’s an endless stream of conservative victimhood. But he’s a survivor!

But my favorite is this “post-racial” dispatch:

post racial

Dude. You wouldn’t survive 15 minutes in a real prison, you sanctimonious twit.


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5 responses to “Dispatches From Inside The Bubble

  1. Mike G

    The local college Repukes had D’ouchebag scheduled to make a speech this week. He had to cancel because a judge wouldn’t give him exemption from his sentence to travel here, so naturally he whined that he was being victimized by libruls fearful of his powerful message.

  2. ThresherK

    Okay, Dinesh Street-Cred D’Souza, be prepared to lose a rap battle with Andy Williams.

    (PS I know Williams is dead. I’d still pick Mr. Moon River in a throwdown. And, yes, there is a place in my music world for the stylings of Andy Williams.)

  3. themadkansan

    Bless His Heart…

  4. democommie

    I’d suggest that D’ouchenozzle take his street cred to Compton or EastLala and ‘front some Crips. What; you think I’d like to see him hurt? Not true, I’d like to see him dead.