Thought For The Day

It is truly amazing to hear the same people who bitched and moaned about how TSA body scanners at U.S. airports violated their civil rights now attack nurse Kaci Hickox for not submitting to a 21-day house arrest on her return from Africa.

Do you people even listen to yourselves?


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8 responses to “Thought For The Day

  1. greennotGreen


  2. Kathleen

    These are the same people who want to drown “the gubmint” in a bathtub and stay out of Medicare. Uh huh.

  3. Mary Wilson

    And, SB, these are the same nuts who voted for guns on our streets, even in church, putting our women and children at risk while at the same time only wanting to protect the “Life” of un-viable embryos and let women die. And these medical professionals are putting their own lives at risk to help SAVE lives.

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  5. James Pope

    OTOH, the consequences for a viral outbreak are a lot more severe than some dumbass terrorists. Also, would you care for some penis pill designer handbags?

  6. democommie

    I think that the Teabaggist KKKristians out there should set up a quarantine compound on some lovely tropical island and pay for the folks that are coming back to stay there enjoying life for three weeks–I mean if they actually give a shit about anyone other than themselves. Oh, damn, I always forget that giving a fuck about others is not in their DNA

  7. CB

    It’s entirely credible that the reason she fought back so hard is because Christie and his minions were such shitheels when she landed in NJ. She had had enough, already. I don’t blame her. I also think there are a lot of folks who might like to zip Christie up in an isolation tent with no flush toilet and no shower, so he can roll around in his own essence for while, and save the rest of us from having to share air with him.