Where Your Treasure Is

… there your heart will be also.

And with a record $4 billion+ — that’s billion, with a B — spent on this midterm election, it’s safe to say that America’s heart is with power.

That’s it. Very simple and terribly sad. Slow clap, Murrica. This is why we can’t have nice things. When I think what we could do with $4 billion — free college education, healthcare, assistance to small businesses or child care for single moms or what about high speed rail or hey, let’s fix our roads and bridges, maybe? — and realize it’s all been squandered on something as dumb as trying to sway the outcome of a midterm election, I just have to despair at how shallow we are as a nation.

Remember, too, that a large chunk of that sum was spent by people (*cough*cough*KOCH BROTHERS*cough*cough) who are fighting against even the teeniest tiniest increase in their taxes. That billionaires would spend millions to sway an election and hold onto their power pretty much proves why we need to raise their taxes in the first place.

Here’s something that makes me want to guzzle bleach:


Note the date. And time.

Are you people even fucking serious? We haven’t even had this midterm election and you’re already ginning up ideas for the next Senate campaign?

Here’s another sobering thought, from the same Wall Street Journal story linked to above:

What’s even more startling is that the $4 billion figure—which also includes $315 million spent on operating costs by PACs—doesn’t include the full picture of outside spending in this year’s races. The projection only includes spending disclosed to the Federal Election Commission. The CRP estimates that another $100 million will likely be spent on the election by next month, though the exact number is impossible to know because of disclosure rules.

Well, I suppose what we don’t know won’t hurt us, right? Meanwhile, remind me about how we can’t afford this, that and the other because of freedom and free markets and whatever. Right. Keep pretending this shit doesn’t matter, everyone.


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22 responses to “Where Your Treasure Is

  1. themadkansan

    …This is the kinda thing that would make a less-well-adjusted person start considering doing something rash toward rich people…

  2. Kathleen

    To quote Marvin Gaye in Inner City Blues, “Makes me wanna holler and throw up both my hands”.

  3. Kosh III

    “you’re already ginning up ideas for the next Senate campaign”

    So? The night of the election in 12, some folks were yammering on about Clinton versus Christie, Biden v Palin etc etc.
    Christ Matthews has a countdown clock to the 16 election and has had it for months.

    But will they talk about the imminent climate catastrope and death of billions if we don’t do something YESTERDAY? Nope, not a word in our corporate media.


    • Kathleen

      Well, as Chuck Todd famously said, checking the veracity of statements made by Rethuglicans is not his job, so if John McCain or Rand Paul were concerned about climate change we’d hear about it 24/7 but since Rethugs think concern is bogus, to paraphrase war criminal Donald Rumsfeld, you go with the media you have not the one you wish you had. Or something. I need to start drinking.

  4. Jim in Memphis

    SB – it is not like that $4 billion has just gone up in smoke. That money is circulating in the economy and is being taxed on every transaction. Be it income tax for the advertisers or sales tax when they turn around and spend it or more income tax for who they spend it with. So why do you have so much of a problem with how people spend their money?

    • Snort.

      “Job creators.” For … ad agencies, I guess? TV stations? Every wonder who profits from divisive politics and government dysfunction? TV news. 80% of that money went to buy air time on cable and local news. “Circulating in the economy” my ass. What a fucking waste.

      • Jim in Memphis

        I did not say anything about creating jobs. I was merely pointing out that the money does not disappear into a void when it is spent on the advertising.

        I agree in that it is a waste of money and I would never spend my own money on a political campaign. However, this is not my money and I believe the people should be able to spend their own money how they see fit. And again, it is not like this money just disappears once it goes to the TV news people. They are going to spend that money one way or another. And every time they spend the money it will be taxed. The alternative is for the government to implement tax rates high enough to keep people from having this money to spend on political campaigns. Of course that is likely to lead to people hiding money in offshore accounts in even greater numbers than already do this. Then there would be less money for the government to tax.

      • “this is not my money and I believe the people should be able to spend their own money how they see fit.”

        Yes, we agree. AND we agree that it’s a waste of money. That is the point of the post. As indeed, it’s the point of the post to illustrate how wealthy billionaires would rather spend their millions trying to control the outcome of an election — in other words, obtaining POWER — than on helping the needy, educating the next generation, getting seniors access to medical care, etc. Which completely proves the point that we need to tax the fuck out of these Scrooges because clearly they’ve got fucked up priorities that only benefit themselves, not the country as a whole.

        And when it comes to money circulating through the economy, I guarantee you, we get FAR more bang for the buck through things like food stamps and expanding Medicaid and Medicare than we do some idiotic campaign ad.

      • Jim in Memphis

        And that is the problem with liberals. They want to use the government to punish people that do not agree with what they think. If you don’t spend your money the way a liberal wants you to then you should have your money forcefully taken from you by the government.

      • Everyone else has pretty much answered this for me, but I would just turn the tables and say your answer proves the problem with conservatives. Or rather, radical conservatives, like Jim. Even mainstream Republicans believe in the concept of the public good. Jim, sadly, is a “pull the ladders up, fuck’em I got mine, y’all” type. I think you’d like the 18th century, Jim. That’s how they used to do things a few hundred years ago.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Just check out how Communist Russia performed when they acted in the interest of everyone and controlled all of the money. Behold SB’s vision of nirvana.

  5. democommie

    “However, this is not my money and I believe the people should be able to spend their own money how they see fit.

    It’s not your money? but ALL public spending is, right?

    Yours and everyone else’s cable, internet and wireless bills are fucking insane and you don’t think that the obscene amounts of money raked in by the corporatists are not “yours”?

    Read some basic economics texts–no, the “Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged” are not textbooks.

  6. “They want to use the government to punish people that do not agree with what they think.”-Jim

    Can I gamble, smoke dope and consort with prostitutes without fear of punishment under Tennessee’s Republican legislature?

    Seems to me every government distate is value laden. Then all we have is one big ole pissing contest.

    • Can I get an abortion under Tennessee’s Republican legislature? Or Texas’? When Republicans put up so many unnecessary roadblocks, obstacles and barriers to what is supposed to be a constitutionally-protected right, is it even a right?

  7. CB

    “…FAR more bang for the buck through things like food stamps and expanding Medicaid and Medicare than we do some idiotic campaign ad.”


    “… liberals … want to use the government to punish people that do not agree with what they think.”

    One of these things is not like the other. Food and healthcare are punishment? Really?

    As for your contention, Jim, that YOUR money is being forcefully taken from you by the government, do I really have to remind you that that money is gone before you even have a chance to think about it? Do you really think you’re going to re-write the entire tax code, and do away with withholding, because you don’t agree with people being fed and taken care of? Unless it’s YOUR people; then it’s fine, I suppose. This position isn’t unheard-of, but it was outdated in the 20th century.

    Somebody call a fucking waaaambulance.

    • Jim in Memphis

      CB – I get to write that monthly check to the government for all of that withheld money for me and my employees. Trust me I see exactly how much the government takes from each dollar I earn.

      And it is not that I do not believe in the current tax system per se, but the intent of SB is that the taxes need to be raised because people are wasting their money on things she doesn’t think they should be spending it on. In her infinite wisdom, we should simply give everything we have to the government and hope they take care of us fairly. Well she probably doesn’t think she should give up everything just the “rich” which in her mind is probably anyone making 10k more than her.

      • CB

        Jim, I think you and I were reading different posts. What I was reading said that all that money that was spent on campaigning might be better spent actually helping people who need help, rather than feeding the self-aggrandizing tendencies of the politically powerful.

        Allow me to reframe it. WWJD? He would do exactly as SB suggests. He was, in fact, addressing a rich young man, when He said, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”
        That’s not something that the proponents of the prosperity gospel like to emphasize.

        Dude, it’s not all about you, no matter how much you wish it otherwise. Stop taking offense, except where it is truly meant.

  8. democommie

    There are three guys sitting at the bar right now. Two are retired from Novellis (formerly AlCan). The other guy is defintely on SS and Medicare. All three are bitching about what a weakling Obama is while at the same time criticizing him for being an iron fisted dictator.

    I’m fairly certain that two of them had better things to do in the late 60’s and early 70’s than go off to fight in a stupid fucking war that had nothing to do with them. Otoh, all three of them are glad that the japs got theirs and want to nuke anything that isn’t ours. Fuckaroonz.

  9. Randy

    Daily Kos’s election live blog has an add that says I can chat free with a charming Russian woman. I think I’ll ask her about SB’s vision of nirvana.