Welcoming Our Republican Overlords

Take heart, Democrats. Last night was actually good news. Great news, in fact.

For the next two years the Republican Party will once again remind America that they are completely incapable of governing. Any notion the punditry may hold that Republicans will somehow strike a moderate tone (yes, I’ve actually heard that!) will instantly be dashed by the foamy-mouthed Tea Party rabble-rousers proclaiming their mandate. “I’m not going to be ignored, Dan!”

Nope, there will be no controlling Ted Cruz and his ilk (the best assessment of Cruz I’ve ever read comes from Jon Stewart, who observed the Texas senator “appears to have been bitten by a Machiavellian spider. That dude is distilled ambition.” Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself.) We’ll be treated to two years of debt-ceiling-fighting, Obama-impeachment-loving, Obamacare-repeal-wanting, Benghazi-fear-stoking BS. And in 2016, when the electoral map is as favorable to Democrats as it was for the Republicans this election, we’ll be able to not only keep the White House but we’ll also take back the Senate, as a disgusted electorate remembers why they hate Republicans. This time we’ll get a filibuster-proof majority, too.

So, that’s my take on things. Bring it on, Republicans. And maybe, maybe, Democrats will finally learn how to run on their accomplishments, instead of running from them.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of good news out of election night:

• Tough gun control measures easily won in Washington State.

• In Tennessee, voters overwhelmingly approved ballot measures allowing sales of wine in grocery stores. We will need this as we ponder the cognitive dissonance that returned abortion-for-me-but-not-for-thee hypocrite Scott DesJarlais to Washington while at the same time passing the anti-choice Amendment 1 constitutional amendment.

• Minimum wage increases passed in Arkansas, Illinois, South Dakota and Nebraska.

• Personhood amendments failed in Colorado and North Dakota. This is the third time Colorado voters have said no to this crackpot idea, by the way.

So, it wasn’t all bad news. Take heart!


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26 responses to “Welcoming Our Republican Overlords

  1. Jim in Memphis

    Just think how bad the losses could have been for Democrats if the Republican party was not in the process of dying in TN.

    • Ha ha. No, I never said the Republican Party was dying in Tennessee. I’ve said, repeatedly, that Tennessee is where the Republican Party has come to die. Completely different things.

      I think we’ll be seeing a huge influx of crazy-ass wingnuts to Tennessee from other states around the country as they consider this “friendly territory.” But eventually electoral math and demographics will catch up to them here just as it has in other parts of the country.

      Republicans can’t govern. Why would they? Their foundational principal is anti-government. If you go into governing with the idea that government is the problem, you’re pretty much setting things up for government to fail. You’ll see.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Sorry, I meant to imply that TN was were the Republican party came to die with my wording of the “Republican party dying in TN.” Somehow the party managed to win a majority of the Senate seats and expand their majority in the House. I guess I never realized how many extra Senate and House seats TN picked up in the last census.

      • ??? Are you being intentionally obtuse or were you just born stupid? “This is where the Republican Party has come to die” means the state will get even MORE Republican before it finally kills itself off for good.

        Jesus but you’re an idiot Jim. If you’re too dumb to understand basic English what the fuck are you doing trying to debate intelligent, educated people over here? I’m not dumbing down my blog for the brain dead contingent of the Tea Party.

        Fuck off.

      • Jim in Memphis

        SB – maybe you are hung over or something, but my point is that it is obvious that you are wrong about TN being the only place the Republican party can win or will continue to win. The Republican party is obviously doing just fine in a majority of the states and it is only your wishful thinking that says the Republican party has come to die in TN.

      • Yeah, let’s see in two years. Again, that’s the fucking point. You keep saying that but 2014 proved you wrong on the state races, didn’t it? Republicans apparently can only win in off years when people aren’t as energized and elections are easier to buy.

        And by the way, who wants to bet $ that in 3-4 years everyone in Iowa is going to deny ever voting for Joni Ernst?

  2. Constance Alexander

    Thank you for writing today’s blog! I woke up sick to my stomach, bitter and wondering how much worse things can get. I guess the good news is, I will find out.

  3. Mary Wilson

    AMEN to your theory back up by FACTS of the last 12 years, SB. And you left out the real reason that the GOP/TEAs took control of our State…out-side money. Examples abound looking at some races:
    our Knox County House District 13 candidate Gloria Johnson was targeted by the NATIONAL GOP because she was actually able to work with both sides and pass bills that helped our Schools and protected victims of domestic violence. Her opponent got ONE donation from ‘outside’ of $190,000 from groups promoting ‘vouchers’ which she opposed.
    And apparently here in Knox County most voters were more interested in being able to buy wine in grocery stories rather than protect a woman’s right to decide her own medical issues. And I totally agree. By 2016 even the most rabid Obama haters will realize that the GOP can not even lead a horse to water….unless it is polluted.

  4. Same as it ever was.

    “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability but requires a constant struggle.”- Martin Luther KIng

  5. I wish I could be optimistic.

    Six years ago the Democrats chanted “Yes, we can” and then went home and expected the hired help to fix everything for them.

    Meanwhile an un-holy alliance of Chisto-fascist bitch-scolds, bought and paid for corporate shills, and the KKK took over the party of Lincoln with the sole intent of re-installing slavery for the entire country.

    Will we ever learn?

  6. I think you’re wrong about the Democrats picking up a veto-proof majority in 2016. Their best chance is if the Republicans either increase the numbers needed to sustain a filibuster or eliminate it outright. Getting to 60 votes in 2016 would require a truly massive swing that involves winning in some very unlikely states.

    • Don’t be so sure:

      “But the entire situation is reversed in 2016, since the field will be made up of senators elected in 2010 — a landslide Republican year. What this means is that there will be seven races with mismatched senators, and they’re all Republicans.

      “Republicans will be playing defense in Florida, New Hampshire, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Of particular note, Iowa’s Chuck Grassley may retire (he will be 83), and Marco Rubio may run for president and give up his Senate seat to do so.”

      IF Republicans behave as they have historically, capitulating to the batshit crazy Ted Cruz contingent because POLITICAL CAPITAL and MANDATE etc. etc. — the vast numbers of non-crazy America who will turn out in Presidential election years will tilt things Democrats’ way.

      Democrats need to find some damn candidates who know how to talk to people, I concede that point. Alison Grimes was a pathetic candidate. Why she didn’t cop to voting for Obama is a huge mystery — unless, of course, she DIDN’T vote for Obama? But then she would have said that? So I don’t get it. All she had to say was, “Of course I voted for Obama. Mitt Romney’s policies only benefited the upper 1% of wealthy Americans. I would never support someone with his history of outsourcing American jobs and flip-flopping on issues like healthcare.” Done. End of story. Next question?

      • Jim in Memphis

        ” Florida, New Hampshire, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.” Well they just won the governor’s races in Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

      • In every other governor’s race you mentioned except Illinois, the Republican was the incumbent. I don’t have time to check them all but I’m pretty sure they were all elected in 2010, the last mid-term Republican wave. Again, if Republicans can only win in off-years? Doesn’t speak to an overwhelming mandate for Republican policies. And as you point out, two far-right Republican governors lost last night.

        Rick Scott barely won re-election. He would never have won if it were a presidential election year.

        Republicans did win in Massachusetts. I really hope Martha Coakley just goes away … for good.

      • Republicans will be playing defense in Florida, New Hampshire, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

        That’s all well and good, but winning those 6 barely gets the Democrats a majority in the Senate again. The other seats they’re defending will be in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah, and they need to pick up about 8 of them to get to a filibuster-proof majority. That’s a very tall order.

        I would be wiling to concede that there might be actual races in some of those states- the Democrats have held seats in some of them recently, and others seem to have demographics that are favorable to the Democrats- but picking up half of those seats is an incredibly tall order.

  7. Home from working the Polls….
    So a few thoughts….
    If there are amendments or policy issue on the ballot, the time to read about them is before you are in the voting booth…
    Poll workers cannot answer questions about the amendments on the ballot. the Ballot speaks for itself..
    I think many of the amendments written were done so to be as obtuse as possible….If you have issues on that, blame the super majority that wrote the amendments….
    Voter ID laws gummed up the works at my precinct….and did not help with any voter fraud at all.
    When signing in to vote, your signature does not have to be legible
    After you press the cast ballot button, you are done….nothing can be done to fix your vote
    I had to deal with some really rude teabaggers today….your outrage isnt cute are amusing or endearing, trust me, you just come off like an entitled jerk
    giving me the stink eye, or motioning me over , like I am a server and a chinese buffet, does not get me over to you any faster….
    Dont yell at me saying you know what you are doing, then expect me to watch you tie up an voting machine for 1/2 hour when you have no idea what you are doing and expect me to read your mind to figure out what your issue is…
    Telling me that you are gonna report me to my boss and get me fired holds little threat to me, its a volunteer job I get paid very little for….the worst thing that can happen to me is Im not allowed back….
    some of you folks have the damnest reasons on voting for things…..and I dont wanna hear about it….
    and to about 5 of you today…seriously I hope you fracking die of fire cancer….seriously….

    • Were you in Tennessee? We had 4 amendments on the ballot, but seems like they all got so much attention I don’t know that anyone might have been confused by them. Wouldn’t be surprised, though.

  8. @Jim., and with apologies to our hostess for the highjack…she doesn’t need my help clarifying. But given your propensity to concrete thinking perhaps I can offer some asistance. What we are observing with the current GOP is the death throes of White Priviledge. When the old white men that run the party are dead it will be quite literally dead too. The demographics are in place. Anglos will soon be in the minority in this country. The bad news for me is that I’m an old, anglo man. So when the change comes I won’t be around to see it. And so it goes.

  9. Yep, I was working in East Tennessee……with all the signs in yards, you would think that most everyone had an idea of what was on the ballot, but no…many didnt have a clue

    • democommie

      “with all the signs in yards, you would think that most everyone had an idea of what was on the ballot, but no…many didnt have a clue”

      Is feature not bug. When people who know less about the Constitution than I know about String Theory are thinking about such things it makes their heads hurt so they go back to surfing porn.

    • Kosh III

      They were told by their churches how to vote and given the signs. Why are churches allowed to campaign? I guess when it’s a riech-wing issue the govt looks the other way.

      • They are legally allowed to campaign for issues like a ballot amendment. They cannot campaign for specific candidates. The wingnut church up the street from us has been campaigning for the Yes On 1 people since May.

      • Jim in Memphis

        In Memphis you had church rallies on both sides of Amendment 1. The Amendment 1 supporters were vastly out spent by those opposing the Amendment, but it passed rather easily.

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