Happy Thanksgiving From Our Militarized Police

Nashville police will use helicopters “to keep Black Friday safe”. From what? Your guess is as good as mine:

“We can support the ground units with an asset like aviation and that gives us a better view of what is going on,” Sgt. Kurt Knapp said. “We can prevent crime and car break-ins and monitor traffic, especially around Opry Mills and the Nashville West areas.”

Sgt. Knapp is one of four sworn officers who pilot the six helicopters in the Air One fleet. Two private pilots are also a part of the aviation unit.

“I think it’s a great deterrent,” Sgt. Knapp said. “Knowing and seeing that the helicopter is there may make a criminal think twice about doing what they are doing.”


Two of the helicopters are equipped with Flir, thermal imaging technology, and the pilots all fly with night vision goggles for nighttime operations.

Wow. Nothing says Thanksgiving like the thrum of police helicopters overhead. Maybe deploy some of those SWAT team battering rams while you’re at it, that sure screams holiday spirit, too. All to prevent a car break-in? Calling bullshit on that one.

Jesus Christmas. So this is the new normal? Is it really necessary? Or does our police department just want to play with its fun toys?


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9 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving From Our Militarized Police

  1. Randy

    The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a helicopter is a good guy with a helicopter.

  2. Joseph Stans

    It is also about the department trying desperately to justify a very expensive toy. Use them or loose them. If it were not for the choppers, those four officers would have to be down with the common folks. The upside is they will probably not get the chance to shoot a black kid.

  3. Moira macgaothin

    Amazing. Tennessee has no money to help poor people get dental care, but it has all the money it needs for equipment that lets it spy on its citizens. Yep. Just about right for a red state.

  4. ThresherK

    Two yuppie* friends of mine who lived on the Delmarva peninsula were kayaking legally (and not in a public water source reservoir) in a Maryland spot, and took exception to the No Swimming sign on a tiny beach in the middle of nowhere on the pond, as it was hot out and they were wearing their swimsuits under their clothes.

    After five minutes of paddling and dipping (not skinny-dipping) a helicopter appeared overhead with a PA booming No swimming! Get out of the water!

    They complied, but if they’d persisted I wonder if one of those MRAPs would have come storming though the woods to lay down the law.

    (*Bit of a compromise word: They’re not really yuppies, too young to be hippies, too genuine and been doing it too long to be hipsters.)

  5. CB

    Just for the record, even though I wasn’t planning on going ANYWHERE today, my son and I went to Best Buy late this morning. He wanted to do some shopping while his brother was at work, was his excuse for routing me from my chair. Long story short, I came home with a new laptop, my Christmas gift from my boy. 🙂 He has another idea for his brother. We were home an hour after we left. Don’t know how it was in N’ville, but the stores here opened for the crazy shoppers around 6 last night, and opened up again around 6 this morning. Helicopters not needed.

  6. Mary Wilson

    Here in Knoxville we saw a TV report about catching shop lifters which was sane, normal and no SWAT teams were needed. A TV reporter was in a cruiser that drove around our mall parking lots, watched the perps carefully, quite a few were caught safely, and over $4000 in stolen stuff was recovered…and without a shot fired…I will say there have been several men and boys shot this year here who were not really threats, no real weapons on them. But hopefully this is a new approach that will continue.