Hey: Girls Do It All The Time

This was hilarious: American guys in European style swimsuits!

Their reaction to wearing what is the male equivalent of female swimwear was hilarious. One said the skimpy European-style swim briefs made him feel “uncomfortable” and “very sexualized.” Another lamented (probably ironically) that, “it’s about my mind not my dick pocket.”

Um, yep. That’s about the, er, size of it.


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3 responses to “Hey: Girls Do It All The Time

  1. OMG, Baha ha ha ha ! * facepalm * blush * It’s so distracting…. our eyes automatically look down , wth ! !

  2. CB

    Speaking as one who has had her share of comments addressed to her boobs, over the course of a lifetime to date, I have to say, “YOU’RE uncomfortable???!!!!!!” Child, please. Until you rip up every last picture, poster, whatever of a girl in a string bikini, your protests are completely pointless.

  3. ThresherK

    The only way this could have been more fun and revealing (!) would be to consider the reactions of young men who would not participate in this experiment.

    Pedantry #1: My swimsuits are about 1/8th the weight of my wife’s. I know the difference between a Speedo (TM people, please respect it!), Tyr, Dolfin, Jantzen and Arena.

    Pedantry #2: I distinguish between swimwear (for swimming) and beachwear (which I put on after I get out of the water to keep from getting sunburned on my upper thighs). That said, exactly once I heard one of the guys mention “freestyle”, as in “This guy actually lap, or competitive, swims”, and if that were the case, it’d be odd if he didn’t realize a bit of what he was getting into.

    And, bonus idiom! The preferred term in many Anglophile households is “budgie smuggler”.