Tennessee Gun Report

I’ve been too busy to check my local papers for gun loonery this month. Nonetheless, a few Tennessee gun fails have crossed my path. This is a November round-up, by no means comprehensive, but it looks like we had a few accidental shootings nonetheless. Enjoy.

• December 1, 2014:

1- A veteran Knoxville police officer accidentally shot himself in the thigh with his personal weapon while getting out of his car.

2- A Greeneville man attempting to fix his lawnmower by shooting a hole in the blade was, predictably, injured by flying metal shards. Dumbass.

3- East Tennessee. ‘nuff said:

Shortly before 5 a.m. police responded to a report of shots fired on Harrison Avenue. Upon arrival, the complainant stated that a neighbor had been outside on his porch at approximately 10 p.m., “cussing and beating on things.” She put in ear plugs to “ignore him” and get some sleep, but when she awoke six hours later he was still “yelling and cussing.” When he fired a gun, she called police. They found the man to be intoxicated with a rifle, charged him with reckless endangerment and booked him into the city jail.

• November 29, 2014:

TSA agents at the Nashville International Airport discovered the 45th weapon in carry-on:

Transportation Security Administration spokesman Ross Feinstein says the loaded and chambered Taurus Millennium Pro 140 .40 S&W pistol turned up in the bag of a passenger headed for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Saturday.

Feinstein says the gun had nine rounds of .40 ammunition inside.

So responsible, y’all.

• November 26, 2014:

A Jackson man accidentally shot his brother. No charges filed.

• November 24, 2014:

A Memphis man accidentally shot himself in the leg in the parking lot of a supermarket.

• October 30, 2014:

1- Mom puts gun in baby stroller, it accidentally fired. Oops.

2- A Memphis elementary school was put on lockdown after a gun was found on campus.


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3 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Moira MacGaothin

    You do have one of the dumbest states for gun ownership and plain old gun stupidity, but Florida’s got you beat every way from Sunday. SMH.

  2. jro

    COOKEVILLE — A customer dining at Cheddar’s on Saturday caused some damage as his firearm accidentally discharged, according to a report filed by Cookeville Police Officer Anthony Leonard.

    The customer, who was not charged with anything, said he was sliding over in his seat when his firearm went off, shooting the bench seat.

    “The bullet went through the seat and struck the concrete/tile floor, causing approximately $500 in damage,” the report stated. “He did have a valid Tennessee handgun carry permit.”

    No signs of malfunction were detected by Officer Leonard, but the weapon was in a holster that had no safeties or trigger guards.

    The customer then put his weapon in his vehicle, unloaded, and no further action was taken.

    In other reports: