White man parades in front of a high school in one of Nashville’s wealthiest neighborhoods with a high-powered rifle. He’s not shot by police. Indeed, he’s not even arrested:


White people walk down the street in Medina, Ohio with AK-47s. Are not shot by police. Indeed, they aren’t even arrested:


Black man picks up an air rifle from a shelf in an Ohio Walmart. He’s shot and killed by police. Grand jury does not indict the officers.

Black child with airsoft rifle in public park is gunned down by police. Grand jury decision pending.

The take-away: White people can parade around public places with massive firepower on display. Black people cannot carry a toy gun through the very store that sells them. Why is this? Black people are scary. Duh.

When the open carry loons walk around with their guns in Nashville, Tennessee, or Medina, Ohio or or Texas, what they’re really doing is reaffirming their power and privilege. They do it because they can. Let us imagine what would happen if a black man walked by Hillsboro High School with a high-powered rifle strapped to his back. He’d be lucky to see the sunset. That’s just reality.

I wonder why that is.

A popular ruse among the fringe of the gun-nuttery is that modern gun control laws are enacted to deny African Americans their 2nd Amendment rights. Which is a hilarious denial of history. Sorta like saying the Democrats are the real racists because Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

American history. Enjoy:


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  1. Randy

    It’s already been stated that we’ve seen this movie before but I had no idea about this anniversary, was just looking back…”Today marks the 45th anniversary of the death of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton. On December 4, 1969, Chicago police raided Hampton’s apartment and shot and killed him in his bed. He was just 21 years old. Black Panther leader Mark Clark was also killed in the raid. While authorities claimed the Panthers had opened fire on the police who were there to serve a search warrant for weapons, evidence later emerged that told a very different story: that the FBI, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Chicago police conspired to assassinate Fred Hampton.” (From Democracy Now report via Wikipedia)

    • I did see that about Fred Hampton. I was going to post it but didn’t. I’m not an expert on the history of the Black Panthers, just what a remember growing up — Angela Davis and all that. And the recent fearmongering from the Faux Noise Machine about the “new” Black Panthers, seems obviously designed to scare old white people into doing what the plutocracy wants.

  2. Randy

    I know you’re aware there’s a tremendous amount of data about the Hampton/Clark case that came out of the COINTELPRO investigation but, briefly, if Hampton et al had been white men in Tennessee today the fact that they had a cache of weapons to protect them from an intrusive government would be hailed as a triumph of constitutional rights and liberties.

  3. Jim in Memphis

    Your pictures above show people that are not threatening anyone with the gun that they are legally carrying. Why would anyone think they need the police to respond to that?

    In the Walmart incident, the cops were responding to a call stating that the person was pointing a gun at people and threatening them. The video clearly shows this was not the case but the eyewitness was not prosecuted for filing a false report.

    The statistics bear out that more white people are killed by police officers. If you take into account the rate of violent crimes committed by the different races, then it bears out that white criminals are shot at a higher rate than African American criminals.

    • “The video clearly shows this was not the case but the eyewitness was not prosecuted for filing a false report.”

      The eyewitness later recanted. Also: “The toy rifle was at Crawford’s side and he was turned away from police officers when they fired on him.
      Crawford immediately dropped the toy rifle and ran for cover. He almost instantly pivots—it appears as if another armed assailant police officer was approaching from the other aisle—and apparently tries to show the officer that he’s unarmed when the fatal shot is fired.”

      Your statements say absolutely nothing about why police shot this man. And you don’t address my question, which is why a black man carrying a gun prompts calls to 911, while a white man doing the same does not.

      “The statistics bear out that more white people are killed by police officers. If you take into account the rate of violent crimes committed by the different races, then it bears out that white criminals are shot at a higher rate than African American criminals.”

      That’s patently false:

      “An analysis of federally collected data show that young black males in recent years were at a far greater risk of being shot dead by police than their white counterparts — 21 times greater. According to the report: “The 1,217 deadly police shootings from 2010 to 2012 captured in the federal data show that blacks, age 15 to 19, were killed at a rate of 31.17 per million, while just 1.47 per million white males in that age range died at the hands of police.” Black boys killed by the police can be frighteningly young. There were 41 teens 14 years or younger reported killed by officers from 1980 to 2012. 27 of them were black; 8 were white; 4 were Hispanic and 1 was Asian.

      “Who kills all of those black men and boys? “Mostly white officers. But in hundreds of instances, black officers, too. Black officers account for a little more than 10 percent of all fatal police shootings. Of those they kill, though, 78 percent were black.” Two thirds of the teens whom police said were killed while “fleeing” or “resisting arrest” were black.”

      • Jim in Memphis

        You have to look at the rate of violent crimes committed by blacks and whites not just their percentage of the population. Black males are far more likely to be involved in a violent crime than white males. The cops are going to be responding to violent crimes ready to protect themselves and others.

        It is a little late for the eyewitness to recant his report after the cops shot someone based on his call to 911. Regardless, I do agree that the police should not have shot this guy and they were clearly in the wrong.

        And if you really want to look at who is killing black people you need to look at other black people. They are far more likely to be the cause of death of a young black male than either a white person or any police officer. We have protests all over the country because the police killed a few people over the past 4 months yet we had 15 people shot over the weekend in Memphis alone (not by any cops) and not a single person is out protesting that.

      • And if you really want to look at who is killing black people you need to look at other black people.

        …And just WHAT IN FLYING FUCK-ALL does THAT have to do with the current problem i.e. white police officers gunning down unarmed black males and NOT BEING PROSECUTED FOR THEIR CRIMES EVEN IN THE FACE OF UNDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE?!?!


      • Also: apparently white people never kill other white people. Little known fact!

      • Jim in Memphis

        Nope white people kill white people more than black people kill white people as well SB. Just not at the same percentages as black crime. White people killing black people is a rather small percentage of black deaths ~7%. But nobody is protesting that white people are being killed. Nobody has gone around burning buildings down or looting the local store after a white person was killed.

      • For a person who claims never to watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh and the right-wing hate radio, you certainly parrot their talking points with awe-inspiring precision. Pretty amazing, that.

        You really don’t understand what it’s like to be powerless and to live under a system of institutional oppression. Every time you open your yap your white privilege spills out. I’d shut up if I were you. You’re embarrassing yourself.

        I’m a white person but I don’t live in a bubble and I absolutely understand the reason I live the way I do and who paid that price for me. Hint: it’s not Jesus.

  4. Moira MacGaothin

    My grandfather prosecuted the killers of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. Every step of the way, he was met with corrupt judges, cops who toed the “blue line of silence,” and other nefarious characters who would make your flesh crawl. After a lifetime as a prosecutor who worked with the Chicago police force, he moved into defense and corporate law. He taught me to never trust the police, to never offer one word of information to them, and to always suspect their motives. I am sure that he would have hailed the SCOTUS decision to allow filming of cops, because he knew from working with thousands of them what corrupt, lying bastards they are as a population. I have taught my child to never respond to a cop with anything other than his name and to demand to know whether he is being detained. And if he is not being detained, to state clearly and calmly, “I am not being detained. I am therefore free to go. I am walking away.” And to film and record it all. But he’s a white kid, so the odds of him being harassed are low. Of course.

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  6. Moira MacGaothin

    And Jim’s apologist attitude is exactly why we have these problems. Apologize for Ferguson thug cops who shoot first and never ask questions. Apologize for New York thug cops who, by law, are not allowed to use choke holds on anyone, much less a black man, but did so and were exonerated, even when the medical examiner ruled the black man’s death a murder. And deflect the true horrors of our militarized, Marines-and-Seals wannabes who flunked out of the military but still need to control, overpower, and kill anyone who doesn’t do what he says, even when what he says is blatantly illegal (“Stop filming me or I will crush your phone” is a typical example). Sorry. You can trot out all your apologies. The rest of us will trot out our binoculars and microscopes to put these hyper-militarized, anti-citizen thugs where they belong: Behind bars.

  7. democommie


    I don’t know that I’ve seen your comments here before (I’ve been not feeling well and not on the internet a lot of late) but, just in case it wasn’t already clear–Jimbo(b) from Memhistopholes is a clueless douchebag.

  8. Randy

    You’ve made references to health issues in the past and when you’re absent I worry about you. Hope you’re back to full speed soon.

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  10. GregH

    Well, at list Ms. Sturgen of the Williamson County School Board *IS* being prosecuted for carrying her pistol to a School Board meeting (!!!) on campus…..finally!

  11. democommie

    i WISH I was on the mend.

    I fell about the 29th of September and since then have had one cursory exam by a PA at the Syracuse VAMC. She was so helpful that I told my local case manager that I will never be in the same room with her again.

    It’s going on 10 weeks since I fell; I’m not able to sleep and I’m in pain about every minute of the day. I’m supposed to be getting some PT, locally but it has not yet begun. More to the point, I think that PT is useless if it’s nothing but someone watching me do exercises.

    I wish I could drink a lot and get wasted–it doesn’t work.

    I’ll keep you posted.