Good News Friday

I’ve got a couple of loose ends to tie up on Monday and Tuesday and then I’m off until mid-January. Wheeee!!! Don’t know what I’m going to do with all of that free time … maybe take some long walks with the new puppy, clean the house for the first time in a few months, try some new recipes and have that ankle surgery I’ve been putting off so I can run another half marathon in April.

Here’s some other good news which I gleaned from the internet. Enjoy.

• Movement to divest from fossil fuel companies gains momentum. Good.

• The shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by a Cleveland police officer last month has officially been ruled a homicide.

• A new poll shows majority support for carbon limits — including half of all Republicans.

• Country music parties like it’s 2014: a roundup.

• A third Ohio man wrongly accused of murder has been exonerated after spending 27 years in jail.

• All dogs (and cats, and everything else) go to heaven, says Our Awesome Hippie Pope.

• Facebook may soon add a “dislike” button.

• The Urban School Food Alliance agreed to remove antibiotics and animal by-products from the chicken served to some three million children in six urban school districts:

Under the plan, agreed upon Tuesday, all chicken purchased by the six member school districts of the Urban School Food Alliance must be produced without antibiotics or animal byproducts in the feed. The diet must be all vegetarian and the chickens must be treated humanely.


The Urban School Food Alliance, a collective representing school districts in Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, and New York, joined forces in 2012 to adopt eco-friendly practices and leverage the collective purchasing power of some of the biggest school districts in the nation.

• The CEO of SeaWorld has resigned amid backlash over animal care practices at the chain.

• Nancy Pelosi kept conservatives from gutting Obamacare contraceptive rules in the new spending bill. Plenty of horrible things still in the bill, though.

• An EV Harley Davidson? Cool!

• Hope for kids with peanut allergies. A dear friend of mine has a kid with a severe peanut allergy. Y’all have no idea how much this impacts an entire family’s life until you have to deal with it.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• In response to the shooting of Michael Brown, a bill to ban racial profiling in the state of Tennessee is a real thing that actually exists.

Don’t have a video. Sorry.


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3 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. democommie

    In addition to all of the other good news, I am pleased to note that Jimbo(b) from Mefiss hasn’t been by to shit in the punchbowl.

    • Jim in Memphis

      DC – you just can’t stop thinking about me can you? Seems like your day is just not complete unless I write a response here for you. Sorry that work has kept me so busy but somebody has to pay taxes for you freeloaders right?

  2. democommie

    Dear Jimbo(b):

    I can stop thinking about you when you stop coming over here and spewing your bullshit.

    You think I’m a freeloader? GFY, asshole.