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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Idaho woman/concealed carry permit holder who was shopping at Wal-mart when her toddler reached into her purse and shot her. She died on the scene. A tragic story, and also completely preventable.

But as more ordinary citizens come into daily contact with firearms, the statistical likelihood of such incidents occurring increases. Just as more people driving cars increases the likelihood of more car accidents, we’ll be seeing more gun accidents, fatal and otherwise. So yes, stories like this reinforce my decision to stay away from places like Kroger, Wal-mart, etc. which allow guns on their premises. Because crime is going down, folks; it’s actually less necessary to be armed everywhere. Unless, of course, you’re in the gun selling business.

Below is some Tennessee gun news from the past week. And watch for a “Best Of Tennessee Gun FAIL” post coming later today ….

• December 31, 2014:

1- A Maryville Wal-mart makes the gun report after an irate shopper pulled a gun on a fellow shopper following a minor argument in housewares:

The 33-year-old man told police that he became embroiled in an argument with another patron near the general merchandise entrance of the store.

He described the person with whom he quarreled as “a short blond woman with a tattoo somewhere on the left side of her body.” He said the woman accused him of intentionally bumping into one of her daughters.


Upon departing the store, the trio were approached by the tattooed woman once again. This time, she drove up in a black Toyota RG4 SUV (license plate: M75 82B), according to reports, and brandished a handgun in the direction of her perceived nemeses.

Witnesses said the woman yelled at the threesome as she wielded the gun, “I don’t call the cops; I take care of my own problems!” And with that, she drove away, reports said.

Brilliant! Let me add, Wal-mart has an alarming number of gun incidents. Perhaps that is also a statistical thing, as it’s the nation’s number one retailer. Regardless, I think I’ll continue to stay away.

2- A Nashville man standing on his front porch was accidentally shot by a stray bullet fired when two men in the front yard got into an argument.

3- Someone stole a Glock from the nightstand of a home in Greeneville. Because gun safes are just too hard.

• December 27, 2014:

In Chattanooga, a woman wearing body armor drove around town shooting at people. As more than one observer noted, police were able to apprehend the woman, who is white, without shooting and killing her. Many wonder if the outcome would have been the same had this person been a person of color. Thinking …

• December 26, 2014:

Wild, wild west, y’all: someone started shooting at Jazzy’s Restaurant in Nashville, and a security guard returned fire.

Honestly, it’s getting so where you don’t even want to leave the house.

• December 25, 2014:

From Johnson City, TN:


Parsons is the general manager of the Johnson City Cardinals minor league babseball team. Hilarious.

• December 24, 2014:

Drinkin’ and reminiscin’ and — pow!accidental shootin’ in Johnson City:

JCPD officers were told 43-year-old John Upshaw and his neighbor were drinking and reminiscing about their military service when Upshaw began handling a Smith and Wesson .40-caliber pistol owned by the victim, who was not named in a press release.

While considering purchasing the gun, it discharged in Upshaw’s hands, striking the victim in the right foot.

• December 23, 2014:

A Nashville man, upset that a cheeseburger was missing from his McDonald’s order, brandished a gun in the restaurant demanding not only his cheeseburger but also new French fries and soft drinks. Why? Because he had a gun, and he doesn’t need to answer your fucking questions!


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9 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. I wish there were more choices for gun-free grocery stores here in Memphis or that Kroger would wake up. I’m not feeling safer somehow as more and more guns get fired in stores, and I’m not sure how that more-guns-less-crime “thing” is supposed to work.

    • I’m not sure how that more-guns-less-crime “thing” is supposed to work.

      It doesn’t.

      The first prominent attempt to show that the presence of guns decreases crime came in a 1998 book by Yale professor John Lott called “More Guns, Less Crime.” He argued, based on county crime data analyzed by him and David Mustard, that violent crime goes down when states approve laws allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons.

      As happens with verifiable mathematical claims that gain widespread media attention, other researchers set out to verify whether he was right. When asked for his data, Lott said he lost it.

      Maybe he did, but when the data was reconstructed from other sources, the consensus was that the data didn’t show what he said it did.

      How conveeeeeenient.

  2. Anonymouse

    Don’t read the comments in the Wash Post article about the idiot who left a loaded Glock with her unattended 2-year-old in the Wal-Mart. They will make your brain ‘asplode.

    • I just read the article.

      Rutledge isn’t just sad — he’s angry. Not at his grandson. Nor at his dead daughter-in-law, “who didn’t have a malicious fiber in her body,” he said. He’s angry at the observers already using the accident as an excuse to grandstand on gun rights.

      “They are painting Veronica as irresponsible, and that is not the case,” he said. “… I brought my son up around guns, and he has extensive experience shooting it. And Veronica had had hand gun classes; they’re both licensed to carry, and this wasn’t just some purse she had thrown her gun into.”

      Sorry about your loss, but this information just furthers our point.

      Sandow told The Post she often sees people with a gun cradled at their side. “In Idaho, we don’t have to worry about a lot of crime and things like that,” she said. “And to see someone with a gun isn’t bizarre. [Veronica] wasn’t carrying a gun because she felt unsafe. She was carrying a gun because she was raised around guns. This was just a horrible accident.”

      Again, thanks for proving our point. Guns aren’t safe. If even the safest, most responsible EVAH aren’t safe, no one is. Leave the damn gun at home, thank you. I don’t want to be the next victim of your fucking fetish.

  3. GregH

    SB, now you know the gunloonz ain’t about personal protection and fear of violent crime – they are about STOPPING TYRANNY !!!! and BENGHAZI !!!!! Time and again TRUE PATRIOTS have stood up to the evil BIG GOVERNMENT and stopped TYRANNY in its tracks, beginning with President George Washington calling out the troops to crush the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794. No wait….DOOOH!!!!

  4. Usually the toddler story starts with a dead 2 year old and the parent blubbering that they would give anything to have their precious child back. I guess God just took a short cut this time.

  5. greennotGreen

    S.B., you wrote, “…Wal-mart, etc. which allow guns on their premises.”
    That’s only if you’re white. If you’re black, you get killed for it.