But Maybe That’s Who Runs For Office

Is the new Congress a reflection of America? Not even close:

Much like America, Congress–which tomorrow returns to whatever it is they do–is a picture of racial progress. Just kidding! It’s still mostly run by a bunch of white, Jesus-loving men in bad suits. According to data from the Post, the 114th Congress is “80 percent white, 80 percent male, and 92 percent Christian.”

No, that’s not a reflection of America. It’s not even a reflection of who votes in America. It’s simply a reflection of who runs for office in America. It’s a reflection who gets the support of our party system, the money people and the consultant class. It’s a reflection of who is deemed “electable.”

Which, if I were to place bets, probably looks an awful lot like that same consultant class. Just a thought.


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5 responses to “But Maybe That’s Who Runs For Office

  1. Moira MacGaothin

    If they pass anything at all, I will be astonished. Thank heavens for the veto pen.

  2. Jim in Memphis

    So if Republicans continue passing bills (there are several hundred that the Democratically controlled Senate would not take up the last 2 years) and the Democrats filibuster them in the Senate or Obama vetoes them will you start calling the Democrats the party of “no”?

    • The party of no crazy, maybe.

    • But in all seriousness, I really wonder if we’ll be seeing filibustering like the Republicans did. I don’t think it will happen. Democrats traditionally fold like lawn chairs and throw their base to the wolves if it means getting something passed. I think you’ll only see that kind of unified no on issues related to Obamacare and immigration.

  3. I expect to see Obama in full Rockefeller Republican flower. It’ll be interesting to see which other “D’s” come along.