Black Ice

Chaka and Willie enjoy some playtime.

Chaka and Willie enjoy some playtime.

This morning a local news reporter brought us the sad news of a traffic fatality in which “an SUV hit some black guys.”

Swear to God. Kicking myself for not recording it. This old bit from Key & Peele will have to suffice. Nashville is encased in ice right now. I’m staying home, and if I venture out anywhere it will be on foot.


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14 responses to “Black Ice

  1. I had the first freeze-up I’ve had since I put in plumbing about four years ago (after three years of one faucet, toilet in the warmer months). It was in the laundry room, which I had closed off to keep it from sucking heat out of the Buddy/Mancave. They said it was 17 below zero F in Syracuse, yesterday morning (36 BELOW in Watertown, NY) but my thermometer said -3 on two different locations). Buddy doesn’t give a rat-terrier’s ass how cold
    it is or how deep the snow gets. It is fun to watch him “porposing” through the drifts.

    Stay warm, it’s too late for us!

  2. Yikes. They say it’s getting down to -3 here tonight, which has to be the coldest it’s ever been in my 25+ years in Nashville.

  3. Jim in Memphis

    Did Nashville get snow or ice. Here in Memphis we got about 1/2″ to 3/4″ of just ice and the roads are a mess. I didn’t even go outside my door yesterday, but got out to go to work this morning. All of the side streets are covered in ice and the main roads only have narrow strips of clear roadway in a lot of places. Temps are mostly staying below freezing for the next few days so I don’t know when things will get better either.

    • Mostly ice and freezing rain. The freezing rain is snowish looking but everything is just frozen solid, it’s not really snow. Might have been a few flakes that fell, but that got freezing rain on top of it and then the temps plummeted. It’s basically ice. Fortunately we have power.

  4. I still love watching that Key and Peele segment. I never got the pun about black guys before, I guess because Peele is so careful in his pronunciation of “black” “ice” that there is no way to mistake it for black guys.


    So I rented Shaquille O’Neal’s Kings of Comedy from about 2009, or so. I had never heard Arnez J. before. He is so funny, I thought I might literally die standing in front of the TV. I had to run out of the room to catch my breath. I was in convulsions.* Does anybody remember the standup sequence about him working as a lead flight steward and then seguing into making fun of his handicapped little brother?

    Fucking comedy gold. I looked for a solo DVD by him and came up with Racially Motivated.

    Anyway, excuse me while I kiss this guy.

    * Extreme laughter may be related to mental state.

  5. greennotGreen

    SB, I had to go out today because I left my prepared-for-storm-purchased toilet paper at my mother’s house, and I was surprised at the reasonable condition of Nolensville Rd., but I’m keeping my travels to a minimum.

  6. Kathleen

    My daughter and son in law were stranded in Nashville yesterday because of the ice. They were scheduled to leave last night but all flights to Florida were cancelled. They are supposed to fly out tonight.

  7. Kathleen

    Update – daughter’s flight cancelled again!

    • Yep, about what I expected. I hope they at least get a hotel room and aren’t camped out at the airport!!

      • Kathleen

        Yes. They were cancelled again on Tuesday but were able to keep the hotel room at a considerable cost, as my daughter put it. But at least they could afford a nice play to stay in.

      • Jim in Memphis

        Hotel rooms in Nashville are crazy expensive. We have designed three hotels in the area over the last two years and the developers were saying that downtown hotels rent for ~$220 a night even without any special events going on.

  8. ThresherK

    I am used to the cold now. I didn’t even blanch when our Connecticut TV weather guy told us the typical high for today is 39F. The actual high was about 14F.

    Thankfully we’ve missed the biggest brunt of the two storms. Plymouth and Boston MA are far away in New England distances that we haven’t been worthy of Weather Channel personnel.

    • Duke of Clay

      You should try living in New Hampshire. I got the distinct impression that the Weather Channel thought the world ended at the Mass-NH line. The winter storm maps always seemed to be cut off about 20 feet into NH and VT. [The one notable exception was coverage of Hurricane Irene.]