Good News Friday


There, I said it. And we’ve got another ice storm headed Nashville’s way today, too. Ugh. Okay, enough of that, here’s your weekly dose of good news.

• We need more kids like Tommy Adams.

• Wal-mart announced it’s upping its minimum wage for hourly workers and will make changes in how workers are scheduled.

• A so-called “bathroom bill” targeting transgender teens in Kentucky failed to get enough votes to pass out of a Senate committee.

• Attorney General Eric Holder has called for a national moratorium on the death penalty.

• Researchers say an experimental molecule has blocked the HIV virus in monkeys, another big step toward finding an HIV/AIDs vaccine.

• Old and busted, helicopter parents. New hotness, Free Range Parents.

• A student at Dalhousie University says he’s invented a tattoo removal cream.

• Nestle says it will remove the artificial ingredients from its candy.

• Plastic bag bans are catching on in Texas.

• To make a statement about marriage equality, this Huntsville, AL synagogue welcomed gay couples to say “I do” during “Wedding Week.”

• The National Marine Fisheries Service has proposed protecting close to 40,000 square miles of habitat to protect the severely endangered North American Right Whale.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Nashville’s North Branch Library, one of the few Carnegie Libraries still open and operating, celebrated its 100th anniversary this week.

• When the Monroe County animal shelter lost its power this week, the good people at the Monroe County Friends Of Animals Thrift Store stepped in to house the shelter’s large dogs. Let me add: if you’re a dog in a rural animal shelter, your prospects are not very good. Please consider adopting from a rural shelter.

This week’s video: Riley and Willie playing tuggie in the snow. Riley gets pretty vocal when he plays tuggie but it’s all in good fun. And I love how it takes Riley a minute to realize he actually won, and then he does his happy dance. He cracks me up.


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3 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Jim in Memphis

    Luckily for me UT Knoxville has cancelled auditions this weekend. I don’t know how I was going to manage to drive from Memphis to Knoxville this afternoon with my daughter.

  2. Holder calls for a moratorium on the death penalty – If that does’t get the Retards to vote on Loretta Lynch, nothing will.

  3. ThresherK

    Hey, the Weather Channel is doing their “torn pron” (sic) from Nashville right now.

    In CT it hasn’t been warm enough to have freezing rain. Stay safe and good luck.