Stop Calling It Road Rage

It’s just gun culture reacting in predictable ways, with completely predictable results:

LAS VEGAS – The family of a Las Vegas mother of four who was killed in an apparent road rage shooting last week says she was just trying to protect her daughter when she went home to get her son and his gun, then drove around the neighborhood searching for a man who may have eventually killed her.


“My mom was protecting me this night, you know? She was doing what every mother would do is protect her baby,” 15-year-old Kristal Meyers said Tuesday night at a candlelight vigil in the cul-de-sac where the family lives, about 5 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip.

Yeah, how’d that work out for you guys, now that you’re making funeral arrangements? She could have gone inside and called the police but no, gun culture and the NRA says you gotta take matters into your own hands and hunt down your fucked up, also-armed neighbor. Because Freedumb:

Meyers said his wife and son went looking for Nowsch after the road rage incident because they knew him and where he lived.

This isn’t road rage. Road rage implies a randomness, strangers whose chance encounter on the highway escalates because one person can’t control their emotions. These people knew each other. Both were armed. And that’s what changed everything.

I’m done feeling sorry for you people. Live by the gun, die by the gun. Constitution, Founding Fathers, blah blah. This is the country you want to live in? These are the neighborhoods you’re creating for our families? Fuck you.


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21 responses to “Stop Calling It Road Rage

  1. Joseph Stans

    Spot on! Your gun will not protect from your own stupidity. I wonder what their plan was? Find him and kill him? Find him and scare him? Find him and have a “high plains” shoot out? None of them and there is no motivation about “protecting” anyone. This was just attempted punishment by a bat-shit crazy woman. We can all look forward to her daughter grow up into mentally ill bat-shit crazy mom. genetics is a wonderful science.

  2. Moira MacGaothin

    Absolutely not one whit of sympathy or empathy for these morons, or for the woman who shot herself in the eye with the loaded gun she had between her boobs, or the woman killed by her 2-year-old in Idaho. All gun lovers. All paranoid schizo-freaks who think a boogeyman is around every corner. All likely to have been “second amendment advocates.” Yeah, well now they’re dead. And the gene pool is a little cleaner.

  3. Kosh III

    I think all these gun folks should go out and shoot each other: cull the herd, improve the gene pool.

  4. screech

    Absolutely spot on. Damn, I hate these gun dopes.

  5. tao

    The Las Vegas killer just became the NRA proper use of a gun poster boy. Most likely he gets off on self defense, and faces no penalty for taking the law into his own hands. I predict Nugent hugging him at the big Guns and Nut Cases convention.

    • No, no, no. You’ve got this all wrong. An innocent mom died. The Las Vegas killer was the fucked up neighbor kid who they’ve found posted pictures of himself smoking pot on Facebook. The mom got her armed son to help her hunt him down because “they knew what he’s like.” And the person who was killed was the mom. So, fail all around.

  6. That’s right. To the gun crowd, mommy is something of a martyr. After all, she was mentoring the neighbor. No blame for leaving her family without a mother.

    Some mentor. Maybe she should have counseled the boy that he wasn’t mature enough to own a gun.

    • YEP she’s the martyr because she was somehow a “responsible gun owner” responsibly getting her kid and his gun to hunt down someone they knew to be maybe not the most stable person in the world. God forbid we just go inside our home and lock the door and call in the police, no that just won’t do. We’ve got to be the hero of our movies … except when we end up dead, of course.

  7. I don’t amember her name but there was a “Soccer mom wit teh Glock” who used to parade around the playing field with her holstered gun on her hip, making sure that everyone knew she had a SACRED FUCKING RIGHT to do so. She got whacked by her pissed-off hubby–with her own gun–if memory serves.

    • Melanie Hain, I believe. Worked so well for her, didn’t it.

      BTW has anyone noticed that the NRA talking point “people don’t mess with people they know to be armed” has been completely disproven by this story and pretty much every other one?

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  9. Shutter

    Induced hysteria. It effects most people in this country. Decades of brainwashing have led us to the point where ordinary — yes, ordinary — working people react like Pavlov’s dogs when stressed. And that reaction was intentionally induced by TPTB. Destabilization of society = money. And money is the goal. The ‘Market’ has triumphed.

  10. Spot on, indeed!! My sentiments exactly!