Congratulations, Unidentified AK Lady! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Another of our most responsible citizens evah fails to live up to their NRA-crafted reputation:

Investigations revealed that “as the family was getting out of their pickup truck in the parking lot the mother’s .357 magnum revolver fell out of her holster and struck the pavement by the hammer which caused the revolver to discharge a round,” troopers wrote.

Troopers wrote that the fired round struck the child “just above the knee then exited his leg and lodged in the trim of the building.”

Earlier today in Texas a concealed-carry permit holder accidentally shot himself in the leg in a mall parking lot. But shooting your own child just adds to the hero status, in my book.

Well done, gun nuts.


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6 responses to “Congratulations, Unidentified AK Lady! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. Kathleen

    The shooters are the real victims.

  2. gee..and guess which state has the highest gun death rate per capita? Something is really wrong with those folks.

  3. Anybody check through and notice the familiar name of the Alaskan town. Wasilla. Wasilla? Now where have we heard that before? Didn’t somebody semi-famous live there?

  4. nothere

    Even old time gunfighters knew enough to carry a revolver with an empty chamber under the hammer. Aren’t five bullets enough for your average shopping mall shootout?

  5. Well, AK just became the 3rd state to sign off on non-medical uses of the sacred herb. That might drop the death-by-handcannon rate a mite. People jacked on coke or meth will shoot you in a heartbeat. Stoners might rob you at gunpoint, if you have a big ol’ sack of Twinkies.

    And the “Road Rage” shooting in Lost Wages turns out to be, go figger, “Road Rage”.

  6. Actually, Wasilla is in the Matunuska Valley, known for its supplies of marijuana AND meth — and ultra-right wing Christians. And not only do I celebrate Alaska’s decision, I look forward to an increase in production that may finally give me a chance to try what is now called ‘Matanuska Tundra,’ since it may finally find its way down to the “Lower 48.” (I’ve been curious since the 70s, when I first heard of Alaska marijuana — then with a name that would shock the dear robots of WordPress — but to my knowledge have never had the opportunity.)