Priorities, Tennessee-Style

Here’s a good reality check from Democratic State Senator Jeff Yarbro, whose district is in Nashville. He makes the point that I’ve been making for years: Tennessee is so gun-friendly, arms manufacturers like Beretta are actually moving their operations here! So what the heck is everyone whining about with this rash of unnecessary gun bills currently before our legislature? Why are we taking up valuable time, energy and oxygen on stuff that really isn’t that important? The gun people already think we’re wonderful, we’re so awesome we’ve got the dang NRA coming here by the tens of thousands in three weeks. Guys, they got the message. We love guns. ’nuff said.

Meanwhile, we’re at the bottom of nearly every national list you want to be at the top of: education, healthcare, etc. This makes no sense but it’s awfully reminiscent of when the Republicans took over our legislature and immediately began focusing like a laser on lady parts and rooting out Sharia Law in public bathrooms. Tennessee Republicans clearly want to work on the easy stuff while letting the real challenges people here face go unaddressed.


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3 responses to “Priorities, Tennessee-Style

  1. Kathleen

    Tennessee must be nestled between Kentucky and Mississippi?

  2. Randy

    And Alabama Kathleen. Or as I like to say WhiteyJesustan.

  3. Beretta likes to tout the 2nd Amendment persecution they were suffering in CT. The real reason that they moved is the usual one, Benjamins. TN promised them a lot of freebies. Gunzloonz AND TAKERZ!!