Nothing says “freedom” like making your announcement at a university event in which student attendance is mandatory:

The Republican firebrand from Texas delivered a speech in a packed auditorium at convocation held at the school founded by the late televangelist Jerry Falwell. It is a thrice-weekly event and attendance is mandatory for students, the university said.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

So, that smarmy, pretentious douche canoe Ted Cruz is running for President.

Remember the racist Teanuts who forced President Obama to prove he wasn’t born in Kenya? Who still believe he was born in Kenya? Who hollered “Constitutional crisis” over birth certificates and his Kenyan father? The Orly Taitzes and Jerome Corsies and Alan Keyeses? The idiots in their tri-corner hats waving their flags and pretending to be Revolutionary War heroes? Yeah, you fools, now rushing to embrace the Calgary, Canada-born Cruz, whose crazy-assed nutball father is Cuban? You can all shut the fuck up now.

Oh, but, IOKIYAR! It’s ALWAYS okay if you’re a Republican. Everything is always okay if you’re a Republican. Even not being born on American soil. Even not having an American-born father.

Even, probably, being black.

I just think this is such a great opportunity to point out the utter farce that is every single conservative freak-out. I certainly hope liberals troll Ted Cruz and his supporters with shouts of where’s the birth certificate! and Canadian usurper! at every single campaign appearance.


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13 responses to “Today’s IOKIYAR

  1. GregH

    If a candidacy doesn’t have enough forethought to even lock down the most obvious web-domains in advance (e.g. and, well…it isn’t really a serious candidacy. I suspect this is just his attempt to follow in Palin’s footsteps and bag some big speaking fees. Perhaps his internal polling shows that Latinos in Texas have realized that Mr. Cruz, despite his last name, is far from their friend and he is unlikely to get re-elected (hard though it may be to imagine a Senate incumbent with Teahadist support losing).

  2. Of course, Ted’s not really running for president. He’s just grifting for dollars.

  3. Randy

    “smarmy, pretentious douche canoe” early front runner in Presidential candidate euphemisms.

  4. So Barack Obama is ineligible for the Presidency because some weirdos suspect he might possibly have been born overseas, but Cruz is fine even though he o

  5. “The Republican firebrand”

    PC for “Flaming douchebag”

  6. Mike G

    “Disturbed Canadian man tries to enter White House”