More Hilarity From The Idiot We Know As Glen Casada

I’m sorry, but the House Republican press conference on gun legislation was just so full of stupidity, there simply isn’t enough bandwidth to share it all. Do read the whole thing. I especially liked this part:

Reporter: If someone is hit accidently with a bullet, you guys are fine defending this bill?

Casada: If someone gets run over by an automobile accidently, there’s nothing I can do about that. These are things beyond, they’re called acts of God, they’re beyond our control.

Gun accidents are completely beyond our control, just like car accidents? Really? Actually, no! Not even close, Sherlock! There are a million things we do to mitigate the number and severity of car accidents: crosswalks, traffic lights, brake lights, seat belts, airbags, headlights on cars, local statutes related to obscuring pedestrian right-of-ways, not to mention such obvious things as driver’s licenses, driver’s ed, mandatory car insurance, DUI laws, etc., etc. ad nauseum.

Glen Casada is a fucking moron, but by all means, if you want to bring Tennessee’s gun regulations to where they are on a par with the various and sundry regulations concerning automobiles and pedestrian traffic, sign me up! I’d love to see that day.


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5 responses to “More Hilarity From The Idiot We Know As Glen Casada

  1. J R in WV

    No regulations about firearms, whatsoever. None!!

    They wanted to do there here in West Virginia, and the Dino Gov vetoed the bill, after gettting thousands of phone calls, many from police officers and sheriff deputies.

    How stupid is it to not know who can carry concealed? How stupid is it to not even have a one day class with actual firing of firearms in front of the teachers?

    I took the CCW class from an experienced deputy, and it wasn’t bad, but if you had never learned to shoot before, you weren’t going to be a good shot after the one day class, though the sherrif who taught my class was a good guy, good teacher, and probably spent quite a bit of time at his target range in the woods with the beginners.

    My Grandma taught me to shoot a .22 rifle like 55 years ago, and the first time I took now wife to Grandma’s farm, she taught her too! That’s when we learned that back in the 1920s wife’s grandma and my grandma lived next door to one another for years. “I can’t believe Dixie Lee didn’t teach you to shoot when you were a little girl!”

    I also had summer camp shooting classes, and boot camp to boot!

    Mrs. J is a good shot now, which is good because we live an hour from the nearest LEO, though the ambulance garage is just over the ridge about 20 minutes.

    But the current ammosexuals in the GOP are crazy, and worse, most of them don’t know which end of a gun is more dangerous, not hoe to make it go bang in the right direction. So Sad…

    Keep up the good work down in TN!!

    • I had summer camp shooting classes too. They called it “riflery.” I was a terrible shot. Awful. Of course, I was nearly blind and didn’t know I needed glasses at the time. But I didn’t even hit the paper that the target was on, let alone hit the target. It is really scary to me to think I could carry concealed in Kansas, knowing how terrible I am with firearms.

  2. Moira MacGaothin

    Can’t wait until black and brown people start carrying concealed weapons into every estalblishment in the state, and of course no weapon is ever fully concealed (anyone who knows about concealed carry can tell when someone is packing), so the cops will be constantly having to deal with reports of “criminals” in stores, when the carrier is nothing more than a minority member with a gun. I hope the ACLU is ready for the massive numbers of civil rights violations that will ensue from this law. Break Kansas’ back even further with massive payouts to legally-carrying people of color (or, more likely, their survivors, because we know what happens to brown and black people who carry guns in America).