Tennessee Gun Report

I’ve been unable to keep on top of this because of work but as last week’s 2nd Amendment Heroes show, I really need to get back on it. Seriously, it was a bad week for gun loons here in Tennessee. This week wasn’t much better. But I’m sure more guns is the answer!

• April 12, 2015:

A Knoxville woman says she and her husband were arguing over a text he was sending so she got the .38 they kept in their nightstand and shot him. He died. She’s now in jail.

Love how these guns kept for home protection always end up being used for something else, don’t you?

• April 11, 2015:

A 7-year-old Memphis girl was playing in her front yard when she was shot. She died.

• April 10, 2015:

1- In Nashville, a man was lying in his bed when he was shot in the foot. The bullet came from outside his home by a high-powered rifle.

2- In Memphis, a 15-year-old girl was lying in bed when she was hit by a bullet fired from outside her home. She died.

3- A Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer accidentally fired his gun into a classroom floor while teaching a hunter safety course in Morgan County. The class was attended by adults and childeren.

4- Two people have stolen 16 guns from unlocked cars in Cleveland, Tennessee. Says the Cleveland PD spokesidiot:

“Some of the cars are unlocked, getting in there, rummaging around, finding the firearm, selling these firearms to people on the street, then they are being taken away from the citizens who made good choices to the citizens that make bad choices.

Sorry but “choosing” to leave a gun in an unlocked vehicle is the epitome of a horrendously bad choice. Stop giving a pass for gun negligence.


West added the burglaries first started in February and cars with stickers celebrating gun ownership are being targeted.

Heh. And here we thought gun-free zones were crime magnets, but stickers labeling someone a gun owner magically kept criminals away? Not so much.

5- Idiots, Millersville PD division: a 26-year-old man has confessed to stealing an AR-15 from a Millersville police officer’s take-home vehicle. How could this possibly have happened, you may wonder?

According to officials, this was a crime of opportunity because the patrol car was unlocked. Boone reportedly admitted to being inebriated and wanting to “mess with the police.”

After taking the gun, he threw it in the Old Hickory Lake in Gallatin. The Sumner County EMA later helped Hendersonville police recover the weapon from the bottom of the lake in a shallow fishing area.

The guy who stole a police officer’s gun and threw it into the lake was charged with theft and burglary of a vehicle. He’s currently being held on $5,000 bond. The dumbass police officer who left an AR-15 in his unlocked vehicle like it’s a goddamn umbrella is … what? Was he cited, sanctioned, placed on desk duty, stripped of his weapon, anything? Anything at all? We don’t know because the news story doesn’t say. But I think the kid who stole a gun just to prove a point and threw it in a lake should be given a goddamn medal. He could have sold it to some drug dealer.

• April 9, 2015:

Armed society, police society at a Crossville tattoo parlor:

Witnesses told investigators that a man entered the tattoo studio “very drunk” and raised a shotgun, pointing it at Myers and saying, “We have to talk.” A juvenile woman who works at the studio screamed and hollered, “What’s your problem?” The assailant then allegedly pointed the shotgun at the woman and two others who were present.

The man, witnesses said, then turned to leave, threatening to “kill you all dogs,” and pointed the shotgun at a dog. The man fired three shots into the air while standing near the female victim.

Witnesses said he then walked to a gate, turned and shouted another threat and fired the gun five additional times.

• April 8, 2015:

• A Knxoville man shot his neighbors’ pet dogs when they got into his yard.

• A drunk Athens man started waving his gun around in an argument that appears to have started over a cupcake and ended with him aiming a shotgun at a police officer. So much fail.

• April 5, 2015:

Someone shot and killed this Antioch woman’s 7-month-old puppy while it was in her backyard.

• April 4, 2015:

Today in armed/polite society: a North Nashville man was shot and killed over a parking space.

And finally, some chalk art at Riverfront Park where our GunSense rally was held:



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6 responses to “Tennessee Gun Report

  1. Do you have a body count from the convention, yet?

    • Jim in Memphis

      I am curious as well. I have not heard any reports on all of the rampant violence that I am sure occurred with all of those NRA thugs walking around with guns in downtown Nashville. The Commercial Appeal in Memphis did not have any reports from the convention so I am assuming the NRA has paid out a bunch of hush money to keep the reports of the roving bands of vigilantes out of the paper.

      • Yes, I agree. Much of downtown Nashville is a “gun-free zone,” and was during the NRA — no guns allowed inside Bridgestone Arena, restaurants, etc. Only people with carry permits could carry inside the convention center. All of the guns on display had their firing pins removed and were non-functioning. No gun sales were allowed at the event. And no guns allowed in our parks (yet).

        After all the hysteria we keep hearing from gun humpers about how you’re a sitting duck in a gun-free zone, I’m shocked any of these nervous Nellies left their bunkers for Nashville in the first place. To hear them talk, dining in a gun-free restaurant is certain death.

        Of course, this just happened. Wonder if it was one of our visitors?

      • Jim in Memphis

        “Only people with carry permits could carry inside the convention center.” I wonder what percentage of NRA convention attendees have carry permits?

        Also over at MikeB’s blog one attendee said you could see the residue on a restaurant window where they had removed their “no guns” sign while the convention was in town. He assumes they wanted the business more than they were afraid of the guns.

        So no reports of shootings or other vigilante justice in and around the convention? Surely there was blood running in the streets with all those ammosexuals, gun nuts, and whatever else you call them people in town right?

      • “I wonder what percentage of NRA convention attendees have carry permits?”

        I don’t know, good question. Another failure of our media to actually inform the public. I do know that with dignitaries like Jeb Bush etc. attending, their personal security makes it extremely unlikely that even those WITH carry permits will be able to actually do so. Have a read here about it really works, versus what they say: Why Politicians Are Protected From “Good Guys With Guns” at NRA Conventions.

        I was downtown twice while the NRA was in town: once for a hockey game and once for a Moms Demand Action rally. Saw plenty of “No Guns” signs on display, and I know the Moms group was handing out those decals like candy. And yes, we had plenty of shootings during the week too. As usual. Read my gun report for the week.

        If you’re trying to make the claim that there’s nothing wrong with guns because nothing bad happened involving an actual NRA attendee, well, that’s just stupid. I mean, it’s not like plenty of “gun rights” advocates haven’t been involved in tragedies, now is it? Google Jon Holzworth’s name and have fun reading about that responsible gun owner, just offa the top of my head. The reality is, the more people interact with guns, the more likely there are to be accidents and other incidents. That’s called math. The fact that it’s only April 17 and the TSA at BNA has already found 20 guns at airport security when a total of 48 were found in 2014 should give you a clue of how these statistics work.

        Sorry but you got nothing here except the same tired old “nothing to be afraid of here” BS line we hear until some tragedy happens and then it’s “STOP POLITICIZING A TRAGEDY!” So predictable. So stupid.

  2. Name

    finding the firearm, selling these firearms to people on the street .. taken away from the citizens who made good choices often profitable choices to the citizens that make bad choices.
    That is one of the critical phases in NRA’s primary sale method. Criminals don’t pass background checks, but must be armed to scare most of the legal gun buyers. The NRA admits this.