Partners, Milwaukee-Style


The story ended in a predictable way. The suspect who shot the van driver and accidentally shot his teenage nephew has taken his own life. Story of a gun.


NRA convention speaker/Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, January 2013:

“I’m Sheriff David Clarke, and I want to talk to you about something personal … your safety. It’s no longer a spectator sport; I need you in the game, but are you ready? With officers laid-off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option.”

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, April 15, 2015:

“What did we have Sunday? We had some clown take the law into his own hands and murder a guy who was doing what we expect good citizens to do, and oops, accidentally kill somebody else.”

Well, isn’t this completely, totally predictable. When you have one group of people constantly yammering about how you have the right–no, the obligation–to defend yourself and your family and a gun is the answer to every problem and your home is your castle etc. etc. etc. then mistakes will be made.


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  1. Joseph Stans

    P{oor Sheriff Clarke, he was emasculated early on and has solved all his problems with violence since. They should find him a nice quiet goat farm with stuffed goats and let him calm down away from the pressures of having to do his job.

  2. mary wilson

    And the bottom line in Tennessee is that our Governor and Legislature are so intimidated by the NRA/Koch goons, that they passed two or three more bills that force the majority of us to stay the hell away from public parks, playgrounds and especially parks NEAR schools. These bills keep destroying the safety and security of the MILLIONS of families. Then the dopes in Nashville also refuse to even BRING TO A Vote the biil to help the poor, the uninsured, the disabled, Veterans and their families…ACCESS to health insurance…which is already causing SLOW DEATH to thousands.
    And the voices for the majority are drowned out by the threats, intimidation and LIES of the gun pushers. ANY questions? Best example: Last week at a ‘gun safety class, the instructor fired his weapon(oops, he forgot it was loaded!) in the middle of adults and children. Any questions?

    • ThresherK

      Gun safety classes are therefore dangerous, am irite? No wonder Kansas doesn’t require them any more.

      • Kathleen

        Well, making the Bible that official State Book of Tennessee will certainly fix all of this.

        On another note, if guns are so sacred, why was the murdered suspect being arrested for trying to sell a gun? Are guns only sacred if white people sell them or brandish them recklessly? I am most puzzled.

  3. Moira MacGaothin

    I had the misfortune of driving behind an asshat Virginian with the license plate “IAMCCW” this morning. Stayed as far away from her as I could, since she announced that she is “carrying a concealed weapon.” Why someone would use that as their plate — demonstrating the importance of their gun to their life — is beyond me. Gun fetishist, I suppose.

    • They feel like if they advertise they are CCW then criminals will leave them alone. Of course the alternate has happened — people know they are carrying and decide to steal their weapons. Happens quite a bit, as well.

  4. Shutter

    We need to find a way to make gun nuts social outcasts, undesirables in public, unwelcome in private, scorned everywhere. Obviously good-intentioned blogs as this one aren’t doing the job (no disrespect SB but you’re preaching to the choir here..). How else can we shame these scumbags to such a degree that they’ll get the idea and back off?

  5. Kathleen

    This link is somewhat off topic regarding gun lunacy, but the story about the lawsuit is yet another tale of an incompetent police officer being hired in spite of past history on and off the job (officer’s history is on page 2):

    • I don’t remember reading anything about this very sad case.

      This brings to mind another issue I have, which is Sheriff’s Dept’s and how they’re different from police dept’s. Sheriffs are elected, it’s a very political position and I wonder if adding politics into the mix doesn’t open a whole can of worms in terms of hiring and whatnot. The “reserve officer” who confused his gun with a Taser was working for the sheriff’s dept. Have to say, I’m not sufficiently educated on this issue … and I realize problems have arisen in both PD’s and Sheriff’s Dept.’s….

    • Kathleen

      I don’t think it has been featured news nationally. Family and friends have held protests but I’m glad to see they got an excellent attorney. There had been no stories about problems with this officer until the lawsuit was filed. So sad. She was just a kid.

  6. Janis

    Here is an article from Mother Jones titled “The True Cost of Gun Violence”

  7. CB

    I applaud Chief Flynn for his public remarks (I think your link may have been updated to reflect what he said at a news conference the next day). No, John Q. Public does not have an obligation to defend himself. Law enforcement is supposed to do that. The obligation is fear-mongering, based on the reluctance of Those Who Hold The Pursestrings to fund law enforcement, as opposed to building baseball and football stadia. I feel for good cops, from the bottom of my heart, when something as tragic and completely avoidable as this happens. If municipalities would just allow those who are trained to do this job to actually do it, we would see far less of this senseless tragedy. Breaks my heart.