In The NRA’s America

Welcome to modern America, where guns and gun culture and gun violence have become a part of the fabric of life and one charter school decided to test teacher readiness with an ill-conceived surprise “active shooter” drill during a teacher in-service day:

Not everyone, however, found the drill a positive experience. In a federal lawsuit filed Friday in Portland, teacher Linda McLean says the April 26, 2013 drill at the Halfway school, in which a gunman in a black hoodie and goggles pointed a pistol at her face and shot her with blanks, left her with permanent emotional trauma and unable to return to work, the Oregonian reports.

An employee of the school district since 1982, McLean “was extremely shaken, confused and mentally, physically and emotionally ill” after the drill, the complaint alleges. “She could not shake the event but continued to relive it and try to make sense of it, but could not. Ms. McLean could not sleep and remained anxious and vigilant. When she drifted off to sleep, she experienced nightmares and sweating.”

She sought psychological help, but when she tried to return to the school building, “she was short of breath, anxious, emotionally distressed and had to leave.”

One teacher wet her pants during the drill and another injured his arm as he scuffled with a gunman at the door to his classroom, according to the suit.

What the fuck is wrong with people? Is this how it’s going to be, now? As if being a teacher doesn’t suck enough already, now we have charter school administrators inflicting mental torture on teachers, all in the interest of “safety” and “emergency preparedness”? Because we refuse to take even the smallest, teeniest, tiniest steps to keep school shootings like Sandy Hook, Columbine and Heath High School from happening again and again?

America, you’ve got a problem.


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8 responses to “In The NRA’s America

  1. Joseph Stans

    I believe the anxiety, confusion and fer are all part of the NRA’s fascist plot to create a society that will become more and more unstable and disorderly, thereby making the arming of individuals seem more viable. As the civil authorities becomes less and less able to control the vilence citizens will step in and crate even more violence. the goal is a right wing or fascist revolution and all that goes with it.

    Nonsense? perhaps. But in one generation, mine the country has gone from children riding their bike to the paly ground to play and then riding to neighborhood commercial area to get an ice cream and watch the Wednesday Matinee. Now, parents who allow this are jailed and their children are removed by CPS.

    Y’all think on that. I have been wrong before – once in 1958 when I should have bought that 40 Ford.

  2. Shutter

    Some things are so wrong there can’t be any right way to excuse them.

  3. Moira MacGaothin

    We are a sick fucking country.

  4. We are a sick fucking SPECIES.

  5. Can you imagine the headline for the lawsuit if an NRA approved, Permits be damned, Concealed Carry Teacher had offed the fake intruder? “Estate of fake shooter sues School District for failing to disarm teachers during teacher prep day.”

  6. ThresherK

    Blanks? Bbbbut blanks are safe! Ask Jon-Erik Hexum!

  7. jo

    Whoopee! In one of the final acts of the year, the state House of Representatives approved a resolution designating the Barrett M82 Sniper rifle the “official rifle of the state of Tennessee.”
    I think I’ll carry mine to my grandson’s soccer game tonight, just in case there is an attack of some sort!!

  8. Red States create great blue blogs — even if some of the red comes masked in blue, as in Tenn. Louisiana, in particular has a group that includes the two Lamars, White and Pimintel (with Lamar White ably backed up by Zach Koplin — think I have the name right — who is one of the solidest researchers in the blogosphere), Tom Aswell (of LOUISIANA VOICE), Dayne Sherman — who is putting himself on the line by being part of a suit against Jindal, and Bob Mann (of SOMETHING LIKE THE TRUTH as well as a columnist for

    Not just name-dropping, though all of them are worth including in a weekly — or more frequent — trip around the blogosphere. But Mann has a particularly relevant piece on NOLA, dealing with both the fatuous Jindal’s declaration that “The NRA is America’s most effective Civil Rights organization, and some solid background on the actual cost of gun violence. (In passing, is Jindal the only recent politician who threaten’s to wrest the ‘orange toupee of narcissistic stupidity’ from onald Trump’s head?)

    Definitely a piece to be aware of — and to pass on and to praise. (With too many blogs — here he goes again, feel free to skip — turning into ‘sports talk radio’ it’s worth the time of some of the great remaining ones to refer others to their readers, as I have with the LA blogs and DESERT BEACON for here — and here on other blogs.